Woodland Felt Ornaments


You guys! It’s December at the end of this weekend. That means it’s going to be totally acceptable to decorate your home with all of your most beloved Christmas treasures. I grew up in a household where decorating and crafting was celebrated. Basically Martha Stewart has nothing on my mom. It always felt so special when we were able to take all of the ornaments out of their boxes and set everything up. My family had some pretty great ornaments, buy viagra prostate but my favourite was an adorable santa and his reindeer. I would spend a LONG time setting it up and making it perfect. A few years ago my mom decided to give me and my sisters a bunch of her decorations and, online lucky me, viagra I got to take the santa and reindeer home.

Since we are in China this year I don’t have any of my ornaments or decorations, so I thought – what a perfect excuse to start making my own! If you don’t have a huge collection yet, or just want to add to what you have – this craft is for you. These little woodland felt ornaments are pretty easy to make and are just darling.

ornament12ornament9 ornament10ornament8ornament4

What you’ll need:





Pillow Stuffing

You will want to start off with deciding how large or small you want your ornaments to be. Then start to cut out your shapes from your different coloured felt fabric. You want to make a front and back with each ornament so you can stuff it with your pillow stuffing. Once you have all of your pieces cut out (they don’t have to be perfect), then you’re ready to stitch it all together.


Start by sewing the basic shapes together. For example the front and back piece of the acorn.


You’ll want to make sure that you stitch your ‘hanger’ (I just used some embroidery thread) into the ornament as you are stitching around. As the photos above show, you basically lay it in between the front and back piece, and continue to stitch around the edge of the shape, making sure you sewed the ‘hanger’ into place. Easy peasy.


Be sure to leave an opening in all of your ornaments to stuff with your pillow stuffing before sewing shut. Once it’s all stuffed to your liking, sew the opening closed and use a blind stitch to finish it off. When making the acorn and the toadstool, put the bottom piece inside the top piece and then stitch the top piece closed so that the bottom piece is inserted and secure.


Once they are all stitched, you can either hang them on your tree or string them on a piece of yarn or jute to hang on your mantle. Or hang them on a stick like I did as I don’t have a tree…yet.

ornament30 ornament31


That’s it! A simple and clean looking ornament for your holidays. And the best part is they are pretty durable so you can hang them lower on your tree for the kiddos to look at, and probably grab. I think I am going to make a bunch of them and then string them together for our little rental.

Make some this weekend and show me what variations you did. I would love to see!


Cori Anne

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