Winter Wears


It’s getting pretty cold in these parts. And rainy. If you guys live or have ever been to Vancouver, viagra sale cialis you would know the amount of rain that happens there. When we decided to move to another part of the world, we were excited to have a little less rain. Turns out we moved to the exact same climate as back home – except with MORE rain. Also way more humidity and temperatures get lower and higher. So basically, Vancouver amped up. Oh well. At least we’re used to the rain.


Truth be told, I had every intention of taking some street style pics of some of the cute girls around town, but it was raining and it just didn’t work out! So my sweet husband took some of me. No make up, no shower, on our way to an adorable cafe to read and relax for a bit. Good thing I brushed my hair.

winterwear2 winterwear7

I’m still loving this bag. Go make yourself one and then we can be twinsies.


This toque is one of my staple pieces. Especially on the days when my hair is crazy and maybe a bit dirty. I got mine from American Apparel, but I’ve seen the same style at a lot of trendy stores these days.

winterwear6 winterwear4Having waterproof shoes makes such a difference. When we first moved to China in February of this year, we were not prepared shoe wise for the amount of dampness we were about to endure. Needless to say, our feet were cold and wet most of the time. When we came home for a few weeks this summer I made sure to get myself a pair of duck boots. They’re totally geeky, but man are they ever warm, and dry! As you can see – they are well used so far. This pair is from the brand Baffin Canada. I love duck boots so much I plan to invest in another pair one day. LL Bean is at the top of my list.


And of course my favourite staple for the cold months is a trusty parka. I bought mine around 7 or 8 years ago at a shop in East Vancouver called Mintage. I love this jacket. It’s kept me warm and it’s big enough so I can layer to my hearts content. In the spring itΒ got really mouldy (eww) because here in Chongqing, China it gets incredibly humid and everything starts to mould. It’s not the best thing. But after dry cleaning, my jacket is good to go for another season. Thank goodness!

What are your staples for your winter wardrobe? I wanna know!


Cori Anne

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