Tricks, Treats, Party Time!

Halloween on a Friday is pretty great. That means you can have a party with pals if you’re into that sort of thing and/or wake up Saturday morning with the option of eating all of your kids candy. Either way, viagra generic health it’s great! I thought I would share some last minute party and decor ideas, generic viagra just in case you wanted to throw a little get together. Or simply do a craft with your kids, friends, or just by yourself!decoration-fantastic-diy-halloween-decorations-spooky-spider-web-and-a-giant-spider-with-black-cabinet-feat-aqua-color-wall-homemade-halloween-decorating-ideas

Bats on the wall are so fun and easy to do. All you need is black paper, a template which you can find hereΒ and some scissors. decoration-amusing-diy-spooky-halloween-party-decorations-ideas-with-crow-and-beautiful-cherry-decorations-feat-black-color-table-fantastic-halloween-party-decorating-centerpieces-design-ideasUsing fabric on the wall is an easy way to create a different mood for your party – and the best part is you can take it down after and no damage is done!decoration-inspiring-halloween-party-decorating-ideas-with-glass-tower-and-wine-bottle-feat-modern-dining-table-creative-idea-fantastic-halloween-party-decorating-centerpieces-design-ideasThose martini eyes are ridiculous. I love them. Some pickled pearl onions with black peppercorns for eyes should work for something similar….or use green olives with pimentos! Yum.a98100_1000_coffintable_xl-1Coffin table. Cut out a slab of cardboard in the shape of the top of a coffin, spray paint it black and you have yourself a new table for your Halloween guests! Plus no need for coasters, as you can recycle it after. Or use it year round if you’re part of the Adams family.


How about this beautiful DIY string art? A more stylish option for those of us who only want a bit of Halloween in our home.


Silhouette pumpkins. Beautiful.

140829_Halloween_Lars_294If you happen to throw a party, why not set up a corner in your home where people can do photos to show off their costumes. Put up a backdrop, like fabric or decorations and set up a tripod and camera if you have the option. It’s a lot of fun and a good way to remember the party and the guests! Frida and her sister can be found in detail here.

mld104111_1008_skeleton_vertI know it’s probably too close to Halloween now, but these invitations are too cute not to share with you all! Oh Martha, you always know what’s best. It’s a good thing, indeed.


And lastly. If nothing else ends up coming to fruition this weekend, at least go out and pick up a few beautifully coloured gourds. They’re festive and a lovely way to spruce up your home for the fall season. Maybe your local farmers market will have some. Halloween doesn’t always have to be goblins and ghosts you know! It can be a time to get together with pals and enjoy some funny outfits, a chance to do some crafts and hopefully have some good food and drinks to go along with all the laughter that will surely ensue. (:



Cori Anne



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