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Felt Bow Headband Tutorial



Now that you’ve all been introduced to the amazingly talented Angela from VeeVee’s Accessories, viagra sales viagra after we showcased her on our Maker of the Month series, it’s time for her to show us how it’s done. She is here today to lead you all through a tutorial to create your very own bow headband for your littlest loved ones in your life. Or for yourself. Do what you will! We’ve got lots of pics of the process and then a how to down below. Enjoy!

















Felt Bow Headband Tutorial

Piece of felt (wool felt is best, but any felt would work for this bow)
Piece of elastic for making headband (can also use a hard headband or even a clip)
Hot glue gun and glue
tape measure

1.Start by cutting your elastic to length, I usually measure for head size then subtract 1 inch. My baby girl’s head in 15 inches so I would cut the elastic to 14 inches.
2.Now measure and cut 3 pieces of felt to become your bow. Make your first piece 1.5 inches wide by 6 inches long, the second piece 1.5 inches wide by 4 inches long, the third piece .5 inches wide by 2 inches long.
3. Take your longest piece of felt and fold each side to meet in the middle, tack the corners together with hot glue.
4. Flip this piece over and fold in half, put a dot of glue to keep the middle together.
5. Now on each side fold in half again back down and glue.
6. Take the second longest piece of felt and fold in half lengthwise, make a small cut on each end starting at the folded side and cutting towards the corner.
7. Centre the bow on he piece of felt you just cut and glue each side up to the bow.
8. Flip bow over again and glue the smallest piece of felt in the centre, wrap around the front of the bow and glue the end to meet in the middle. Turn over and now you have a CUTE bow.
9. To attach to the headband I like to put the elastic under the bow but on top of the notched piece. Glue each side down and enjoy your creation!


(photo cred: Two Twigs Photography)


Adorable! I can’t wait to make one of these for the little girls in my life. And also – I am one of those people who will indeed be making one for myself as well. Don’t judge! They’re just too cute!

Thanks so so much for the tutorial Angela, you are an amazing crafter and maker. You can find out more about Angela here, hereΒ and here. Check her out!


Cori Anne


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