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A Simple Christmas Stocking

Christmas Stocking DIY

Hey guys, viagra sales Β remember blogging? Well,Β we don’t – clearly. But thanks for understanding that life gets crazy sometimes. Now, I know you’ve all seen Christmas stockings made of old sweaters…so instead going through the step-by-step instructions, I’ll just show you my finished product! My secret weapon includes a glue gun and Vancouver’s own, Dressew. If you live in Vancouver and haven’t been to Dressew yet, then stop reading this post, grab your wallet and head there immediately. It’ll make you go ???. It’s seriously a crafter’s nirvana. I loaded up on trims and bits and then basically just hot glued it all on. Easy peasy.

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Easy DIY Tassel Necklace

Hey guys! Joyelle and I are here to show you how to make a simple and beautiful tassel necklace. Since it’s been so gross out these past few days, cialis usa discount we thought a bright and colourful necklace would be the perfect way…