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Ikea Hack: Painted Pot

Ikea Hack: Painted Pot || Oh Lovely Bows

Ikea Hack: Painted Pot || Oh Lovely Bows

Oh Ikea. Why you got to be so easy to shop at? I know I’m not alone when I say I can’t seem to leave that store without having at least five extra things in my bag. Now I’m not sure if this DIY is considered an actual Ikea Hack, cialis usa but I thought why not call it that since the pot came from Ikea and I changed it up a bit. It’s really the easiest thing in the world to make.

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Oh Lovely Bows: Beaded Necklace DIY

Simple Painted Beaded Necklace

Hey Pals! I made an adorable, cialis canada patient simple and quirky necklace. Since I love it so much, generic viagra medical I thought I’d share with all of you how I did it. And I gotta tell you – it could not be…


No sew Camera strap

When I first purchased my Nikon camera it came with a strap; the same one everyone gets when they buy a Nikon camera. It’s not a terrible strap, discount viagra pharm it’s just not that pretty. My husband owns an old Canon film camera…


Apothecary Bottle Necklace DIY

Let’s make a cute necklace today, sildenafil pharmacy shall we? I am a collector of small, buy viagra cute things. It’s true. I have little bags full of tiny adorable things, which I always hope to turn into something eventually. Well the day has…


Tote Bag DIY

I love a good tote bag. They just hold so much, discount cialis shop and if you have a good quality or thick one, viagra buy it lasts for a long time too. Plus, they are usually plain and simple, which I like because…