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Ikea Hack: Painted Pot

Ikea Hack: Painted Pot || Oh Lovely Bows

Ikea Hack: Painted Pot || Oh Lovely Bows

Oh Ikea. Why you got to be so easy to shop at? I know I’m not alone when I say I can’t seem to leave that store without having at least five extra things in my bag. Now I’m not sure if this DIY is considered an actual Ikea Hack, cialis usa but I thought why not call it that since the pot came from Ikea and I changed it up a bit. It’s really the easiest thing in the world to make.

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Less House More Home | Wall Art

‘Less House More Home’ Wall Art

We are settling quite nicely into our new little home. I am trying my hardest to downsize everything we (I) own. Honestly, generic viagra remedy it’s mostly my stuff, my husband isn’t a collector like I am. We’ve always lived in small spaces, and…


Mini Plant Holder Garland

Sooooo…I moved this last weekend! We officially have our own place again and we couldn’t be happier. We’ve had so much fun unpacking all of our things; it’s kind of been like Christmas. We are getting close to being able to decorate our little…


Copper & White: Tassel Earrings

I love a good tassel, cialis sales click guys. You can add them to an old blanket, viagra sale sovaldi sale put them on a chain like this one for a pop of colour, cialis sale or just a keychain tassel, cuz why not?…


DIY Elephant Ring Tray

Have I ever told you guys about my love for elephants? Well, best viagra buy I have a humongous admiration for these beautiful, buy cialis family-oriented gentle giants. I just can’t get enough of them. When I was in Thailand last year I was…


Felt Bow Headband Tutorial

Now that you’ve all been introduced to the amazingly talented Angela from VeeVee’s Accessories, viagra sales viagra after we showcased her on our Maker of the Month series, it’s time for her to show us how it’s done. She is here today to lead…


DIY Easter Bunny Basket

Easter is upon us! And although it’s a time for remembering and reflection, buy viagra order it is also a time for egg hunts, cialis buy candy and bunnies! Since a lot of you have kids in your life, in the form of nieces…


Coffee Table Makeover

It’s Friday! And because it’s my favourite day, discount viagra discount I thought I would share one of my favourite projects to date. The geometric coffee table makeover! My sister recently purchased a new couch, tadalafil and since the couch is a lot bigger…


No sew Camera strap

When I first purchased my Nikon camera it came with a strap; the same one everyone gets when they buy a Nikon camera. It’s not a terrible strap, discount viagra pharm it’s just not that pretty. My husband owns an old Canon film camera…


Geometric Sculpey Necklace DIY

Let’s talk about sculpey for a minute. Like how it’s the best. You can make so many things from it. It’s not expensive, viagra sales click it comes in a plethora of colours and in an afternoon you can make yourself something unique, sildenafil…