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DIY Skull Planter

DIY Skull Planter || Oh Lovely Bows

DIY Skull Planter || Oh Lovely Bows

You guys! Do remember when I made that super cute DIY Painted skull? Well, best cialis I bought another one and I’ve painted it and made it into a planter! Not a planter in the traditional sense where it will drain water, buy viagra but more of a place to keep your plant in between watering. And if you’ve found any good fake succulents lately, this is the perfect planter for you!

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Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera | Oh Lovely Bows

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Yay it’s October!! This means that we get to have Thanksgiving (in Canada) and spend time with our family and friends, cialis sale it also means HALLOWEEN! Which is also my dads birthday – so double special day. Oh my goodness, viagra generic do…


Halloween Painted Skull DIY

I LOVE Halloween. I love it. I mostly love it because I am obsessed with costume ideas, cialis generic and making mine from scratch every year. YES, viagra canada I go over the top most of the time. I usually show up to a…

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Kitty lady

I spend A LOT of my days alone, discount viagra purchase since my husband works and most people tend to speak zero English where I live. This can leave me feeling a bit crazy at times. I haven’t come to the point where I’ve…