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Simple Spicy Hummus Recipe

Simple Spicy Hummus Recipe || Oh Lovely Bows

We just had our thanksgiving up here in good ol’ Canada and we were able to enjoy a ton of family time and a tonΒ of food. In fact, cialis Β I had three dinners – two full on turkey dinners and one salmon dinner (totes Canadiana). I am feeling full in every sense of the word. BUT as full as I am, I will always have room for hummus. It’s one of my favourite food groups. It’s not really a fall type of food, but who cares. I will eat this stuff up all year round. Especially when it’s a simple spicy hummus recipe, like this one!

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Chai Baked Donut Recipe || Oh Lovely Bows

Chai Baked Donuts

It’s donut time again! Recently my husband turned 30, generic viagra health and I threw him a surprise party to celebrate. I made it a ‘Dessert Party’ so everyone came with some sort of treat – so muchhhh sugar, but so fun. I decided…

Oh Lovely Bows: Fresh Mango Cucumber Salsa

Fresh Mango Cucumber Salsa

THIS IS THE BEST SALSA EVER. If you don’t believe me after you read the ingredients and drool over the pictures, tadalafil viagra sale then you will believe me once you make it. So DO make it. You will be so happy that you…