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Simple Spicy Hummus Recipe

Simple Spicy Hummus Recipe || Oh Lovely Bows

We just had our thanksgiving up here in good ol’ Canada and we were able to enjoy a ton of family time and a tonΒ of food. In fact, cialis Β I had three dinners – two full on turkey dinners and one salmon dinner (totes Canadiana). I am feeling full in every sense of the word. BUT as full as I am, I will always have room for hummus. It’s one of my favourite food groups. It’s not really a fall type of food, but who cares. I will eat this stuff up all year round. Especially when it’s a simple spicy hummus recipe, like this one!

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Pesto and Avocado Omelette || Oh Lovely Bows

Pesto and Avocado Omelette

Yay Breakfast! It’s my favourite meal. I especially love having breakfast for dinner. This omelette would be perfect for an evening breakfast as it’s simple, viagra buy sales delicious and only a few ingredients; perfect for an after work meal OR for a regular…

Oh Lovely Bows: Vegetarian Burrito Bowl Recipe

Vegetarian Burrito Bowl Recipe

This may be my favourite meal! It’s easy, cialis canada sovaldi fresh, viagra sale healthy and really so quick to make. Plus it’s kind of Mexican(ny). A very Canadian Mexican dish perhaps? I dunno. Regardless, it’s tasty and I love it. There’s this beautiful…