Sweet Street Style

Pete and I started dating almost 10 years ago – we were babies when it all began. One of our first dates was Chinatown in Calgary – it was one of my favourite hangouts. I loved the Vietnamese subs, best cialis sickness the kitsch shops and the baby-doll style clothes. So naturally, cialis buy discount I wanted to share that with Pete. We were teen-stylz loitering in a tourist shop, being all cute over artisan chopsticks, when I put my foot in my mouth. (I have a habit of saying the wrong things at the wrong times.) Pete picked out some boy style chopstick for him and some pretty ones for me, saying, “This one’s for me and these are for you.” Nineteen year old me thought he was sooo adorable. Trying to flirt, I grabbed a small plastic training pair and said, “And these ones can be for our babeeee!!! I mean, a baby…any baby…not necessarily ours….” Classic Jo. Thankfully he wasn’t too creeped out. And look at us now!

I still love hanging out in Chinatown – and lucky for me I live close to Aberdeen Mall in Richmond. I was there this weekend! If you haven’t been, you should probably check it out. It is AMAZING. It’s an Asian-inspired mall in Richmond with the craziest Japanese dollar store around. Aberdeen Mall also is totally fashion forward – I love people watching there. In fact, I found my first stranger street style target at Target (wink), right beside the mall. She’s a hot mama of two with a great eye for mixing patterns. Unfortunately, we didn’t speak the same langauge so I hope she didn’t feel violated when I snapped her photo. I LOVE her cape-inspired coat. As a mom myself, I’m jealous that she can look this good with a newborn baby and a toddler.


Peace and Love,


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