Stuff those Stockings


Stockings are my favourite Christmas tradition. I was always the first one to wake up on Christmas morning – usually around 6 am because I was too excited to sleep. But I wasn’t allowed to wake the others up. Luckily, best viagra sovaldi we were allowed to open our stockings first thing. And my mom made the best ones. She even put breakfast in them. Seriously, tadalafil I didn’t even need the presents – the stockings were what I lived for. So, I’ve compiled a list of what I want in my stocking this year.

1. Humbug Tote

2. H&M Midnight Passion Nail Polish

3. Head Massager – I had a phase of gifting these head massagers – yet, I don’t own one myself. They’re the best – but not better than my dad’s head scratches, ok?

4. BENWINeWIN Bulldog Clutch – It’s probably too soon to Christmas to get this from Etsy…but there’s such things as Valentine’s Day stockings, right?

5. H&M Thick Socks – With glitter!!!

6. Pure Candle Collection – I LOVE scented candles. I usually just stock up on Ikea candles but these ones come in an awesome pottery cup. I want the Tobacco in Cocoa, Eucalyptus, please.

7. Bordeaux Statement Necklace

8. TopShop Faux Fur Paw Mittens – Complete with paw prints on the palms.

9. Sephora Lip Glitters Retractable Pencil – Or any plum colour lipstick.

10. Just Your Type Sticker Set – Just for fun!

And not to mention, lots of chocolate and a mandarin orange, too. Hope this inspires your Christmas shopping and stocking stuffers!

Peace and Love,


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  • Reply Teresa December 10, 2014 at 10:05 pm

    Hint hint Peter

  • Reply Cori Anne December 11, 2014 at 2:49 am

    Hah. Teresa. You’re the best. Jo – I want all of these things now!

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