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Reindeer tote and free printable!

I’m starting to have mixed feelings about being away from home for Christmas this year. It’s my first time not having Christmas with my family. The holidays are my favourite time of year, viagra sales rx everyone is in such great moods and all the shops are festively decorated which I love – plus all the treats. We are missing all of that this year as China isn’t a country that celebrates Christmas. They sell some Christmas decorations in the Walmart here but other than that, sovaldi there’s no real holiday spirit. So because we can’t do a real Christmas, troche my husband and I have booked a trip to a tiny island off the coast of Thailand for a week! Although it’s not our beloved family Christmas, we are pretty excited about island time as an alternative.

Since we are missing out an all the festivities, I asked Joyelle if she would want to do a colab diy project with me to rev up the Christmas spirit. She said yes (obvie) and has created an awesome illustration with a famous quote (see if you can guess which movie it’s from!) and I have ironed it onto a simple tote bag which will become the most used bag I own over the holidays.


What you will need for this project:

Christmas Reindeer Reverse For Ironing

Iron on Transfer Papers – Find some here

Iron – dry iron if you have one or use absolutely no water/steam if you only have a steam iron

Tote bag



First you will need to iron your freshly washed (and dried) tote until is totally smooth of any wrinkles. Make sure your iron has zero water in it as you don’t want any steam interfering with your image transferring to the fabric.


Second step is to cut out your printed image, making sure to follow the directions exactly as the transfer paper says. My paper was for ink jet printers only – so I only printed from ink jet. It also instructed me to cut the shape as close to the image as possible, so that is what I did. Hopefully, you will have access to a printer that can print a better quality black than mine. Our little town isn’t exactly cutting edge when it comes to technology, so the printers available are not the best. Oh well!

tote6 tote7tote9

Then choose where you want to place your image. I liked both the center and the side, but I decided the center would be the best for my first try. I think I will do another tote with the image on the side. It’s okay to make multiples of this, right?


Once you have the image in place, make sure to flip it so that the image is on the tote and you will iron on the back of the transfer paper – like the photo above shows. Making sure your iron is set to the same settings the instructions of the transfer paper tells you to use, simply iron away!


Once you’ve ironed for the allotted time and have allowed it to cool (follow the instructions, pals), you will peel away the paper and should have a beautiful image adhered to your canvas tote. If there is ink coming up with the paper, stop – and iron it again for a while longer and it should correct the ink not connecting issue.

Now, as you can see my image isn’t crystal clear or as dark as I would have liked it. BUT I did iron onto a canvas bag which is a little harder to transfer onto as it is not as smooth as say a t-shirt. To be honest, my paper stuck a bit when I was peeling it off and I was a bit worried it didn’t take. There is still a fuzz of paper in some areas and after a day or two I am going to throw it in the wash and see if it helps get rid of the last bit of paper. The quality of the image is partly due to the quality of the printer I was using, and a bit due to the type of transfer paper I bought. If you use the transfer paper I linked to earlier, it may produce a bit of a better image in the end, that’s what I’ve read anyways. Even though it’s not super crisp – I still totally love it! It gives it almost a vintage feel because it looks a little worn.

tote3 tote2Tote1Β All in all I love this tote! It’s quirky, cute, and gets me in the Christmas spirit, which is a nice feeling to have when we are reaching the final stretch of November – the month that has no end (especially this year).

This illustration would also make a great print to frame and have on your mantle over the holidays. So if you’d like to print it out on some nice cardstock here is the non-reversed image:Β Christmas Reindeer

These tote bags would make a great gift, which you can stuff with even more goodies for your loved ones. You could also print it out onto a t shirt or any other kind of fabric – it’s your call! Make yourself one this weekend and start getting into the Christmas spirit with me, friends! I wouldn’t want it any other way!


Cori Anne

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  • Reply Joyelle Komierowski November 21, 2014 at 2:43 am

    Love howitzer turned out! I was going to add some texture to my illustration but thought the iron on transfer would do the trick, anyway! I wish you were here for Christmas, too! Friendsmas won’t be the same without you guys! :(

  • Reply Joyelle Komierowski November 21, 2014 at 2:44 am

    Haha…howitzer is a funny autocorrect.

  • Reply Anne November 25, 2014 at 8:33 pm

    I love this illustration. It’s so beautyfull and i will print ist on some cushion for a nice little pillow :) Thx for this great idea and have a good time. :)
    Greetings vom germany,

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