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It’s getting a little chilly here, cialis usa physician in the middle of China. We don’t have the season of fall the same as many of you do. No pumpkin spice lattes, generic viagra nurse no trees changing colours, well not really. It’s certainly not like the fall in beautiful Vancouver, but it is getting colder. So what’s a good way to help with the brisker weather? Put a toque on your head and not worry about your hair for the next 4-6 months! And if your toque is plain and boring, well put a pom pom on top. Or two!


How to make your pom pom’s by hand (literally):

You will need one hand, some yarn, and scissors (and a toque to fasten it to). To make a larger sized pom pom you will have to practice a bit. I own a pom pom maker but it only allows me to make smaller pom pom’s; think back to my fascinator fix up. So to make a larger pom pom for the top of a toque, I just wrapped the yarn around my hand. A lot.

toque36 toque35toque30

Start by wrapping in one direction, not too tightly, until you reach a thickness that pleases you. Basically I practiced until I made the perfect size. If you wanted to get really fancy, you could count the amount of times you wrapped around so that when you make a second pom pom and are aiming for the same size, it will be. I thought about doing this after I had made a bunch. Oh well. Pom pom’s are like snowflakes, each one unique and beautiful in it’s own way.

toque29 toque28 toque27

Once you’ve reached your desired thickness, gently pull the yarn off of your hand. You should have a cute little yarn ball like the photo above. Then cut a piece of yarn to tie around the center of your ball, and it should end up looking like the photo directly above! Tie it tightly and then knot it. This is the center of your pom pom which you will sew onto the toque in just a bit.

toque34 toque33 toque32

Once you’ve tied it so that it has two sides, you will simply start to to cut the loops on either end. Then you will start to see your pom pom take shape. If the pieces are falling out you need to tie the piece of yarn holding it all together more tightly. I always trim the ends so that it looks as even as possible. A longer piece here and there give it character, so don’t worry too much.


After you trim it all, basically fluff it up and shape it into a ball, and your pom pom is made! These were my testers. The bottom right was my first one. It’s too sparse for my liking so I tried to plump up the other ones. Again, if you count the amount of times you wrap the yarn around your hand you will end up with balanced pom pom’s. I like to not pay attention, so I have many different shaped pom pom’s. Whoopsies.

toque26 toque25toque24

Last step is to sew it on your toque. Find the knot you tied with the extra piece of yarn holding the pom pom all together and slide your needle around that piece. Start to hand sew it onto your toque. I decided to add not one, but TWO pom pom’s to my toque, because A: More is better, and B: it resembles animal ears, and I am a big fan of animal ears.Β The nice thing about this project is that the pom pom’s are not permanent. You can always clip the stitch later on and change it up, or just take them off. Do your thang.

toque23toque13toque6Β toque5toque7

Although these shoes don’t have pom pom’s on them you can still look at them. They’re new and I lurrve them. Beijing specials.

toque20 toque18 toque17toque14toque16

I love my new addition(s) to my boring ol’ black toque. It makes it feel like a new piece of clothing even though I’ve had the toque for quite a while. It was a quick and easy way to spruce up a fall classic. I could see myself adding large and small pom pom’s onto a lot of things. I may have to hold myself back, but maybe a pom here and there wouldn’t hurt anyone.

What do you have in your closet that could be freshened up? We’ve got some other great ideas for pom pom’s coming up in the next while, so stay tuned! And in the meantime, add one to your wardrobe today and then take a picture and show us!

Take care and warm up with something cute on, okay?


Cori Anne






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