Prints for the Holidays

I am switching it up today pals. I don’t know if you know this but we usually post a tutorial on Tuesdays, discount cialis diagnosis and well, sovaldi I have a good one for you – but it’s not finished yet. So you are just going to have to wait guys! In the meantime I have found some really great prints for you to take a look at.



Aren’t they great! I wish I could have them all hanging up in my house. I put links to where I found them all. If you are interested in a little more Christmas inspiration head on over to our Pinterest feed and check out what else we’re into this holiday season.

1 – I love all the ornaments. The colour scheme is perfect! Image found here

2 – So sweet. I’m really into chalkboard typography and I adore the graininess of the black. Image found here

3 – Oh Deer. SO cute. Image found here

4 – Geometric patterns are in – and I am pumped about it! Image found here

5, sick 6 & 7 – Beautifully done vintage illustrations. I want them all. Images found here

8 – I think this may be a painting, but it’s the best. So simple. Image found here

9 – Anyone that adds animals into the Christmas theme is my hero. Plus wreaths are perfectly seasonal. Image found here

Do you guys have any art pieces or prints that you can’t wait to put up each year? I know that our Reindeer Print is a new favourite of mine. I can’t wait to build my Christmas print collection. Another reason why this is my favourite time of year!


Cori Anne

p.s. stay tuned for some great DIY Christmas projects coming up in the next few weeks!

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