Present Topper, turns ornament!


Holy smokes! Two days guys. Today I have a simple diy for all of you. Is it a pretty present topper, discount cialis cialis that also happens to be a gift? Yes. Truth be told, look I had an entirely different idea for this wreath when I was first making it. It was originally going to be a headband for me to wear for a Christmas photo my husband and I did. But it didn’t work. Turns out I made it too small (I have a huge head) and it just looked kind of silly. But I still really wanted it to be something useful!

And so the holly wreath gift topper/ornament was born. Isn’t she pretty? Plus ‘she’s’ very easy to make, so for all you last minute gift wrappers out there – do this tonight and thank me later. Or take full credit for the idea, do whatchya gots to do.





You will need:

Green craft paper, a holly template, floral wire, floral tape, felt for the roses, a piece of yarn and a hot glue gun.

Once you are all prepped, you will take your floral wire and make it into a circle shape like the photo above shows. Then use your handmade holly template (cut a holly leaf shape out of cardboard or something firm) and draw a lot of leaves on your green paper. Once you’ve drawn about two sheets of leaves, cut them all out. Then, using a straight edge (like a ruler) crease the center of each leaf and then fold so that the leaves have a more three dimensional shape.





Once the leaves have all been creased and folded to create the bend in the center, you’ll make groups of three leaves and glue each group together to form your clusters.





When you’re ready to put the leaves onto your wreath circle, you simply take one cluster and wrap the bottom of it onto the floral wire with your floral tape, until it is secure, Β then add the next cluster and continue doing the same thing until you are done. I added hot glue to the back of mine so that each cluster was even more secure.





Once your leaves are all on and secure, add your felt roses to the bottom of it with hot glue. If you aren’t sure how to make the felt roses, check out my tutorial here. To finish, cut out a ring of green felt and hot glue it to the back to hide your not so neat work (unless it looks perfect, then congrats, you’re amazing). Last thing is to add a loop of yarn at the top of your wreath so it can be hung. I glued mine in between the green felt and the leaves. Now your wreath is complete!




You can choose to simply gift this adorable wreath all on its own, or (if you are a really good friend) gift it on top of the present you already have, for the person that you love so much! Then they will have a present to open as well as a holiday ornament that they get to keep for years to come. (I simply taped the wreath gently to the present FYI)


Here are some other ways you can wrap your prezzies, just in time for the big day.







The holly wreath fits right in with all the other adorable presents under our fake Christmas Tree. Adding a little something extra to your gifts, especially if it’s home made, makes it feel even more special for your loved ones. I guarantee!

Which is your favourite style? I always love adding my felt flowers to any gift I give as I think they are so pretty. Some washi tape, some felt, some paper…it’s all you need to make this Christmas even more beautiful.

Happy wrapping!


Cori Anne


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  • Reply Christina December 24, 2014 at 12:04 am

    Beautiful times 1000! Thanks for the great idea and awesome photos.

    • Reply Cori Anne December 24, 2014 at 12:07 am

      You’re beautiful times 1000! And you’re welcome!

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