Pom Pom Garland

Pom Pom Garland

First of all, tadalafil pilule I hope you guys saw Cori’s tots adorbs pom pom toque tutorial. Secondly, discount cialis I hope you pom-pom’d it up because of her cuteness. I’ve got another way to make pom pom’s for you, today. I learned this technique from my sister, Alana. She was BIG into the pom pom scene back in ’96 – things got outta control. There was an intervention…rehab…years of therapy. With that said, she had pom pom moves you wouldn’t believe. I would have got her to do this tutorial for you but I was afraid she’d relapse. Just kids – love you , Lana.Β  This blog post goes out to you, big sister.

pom pom directions ppdirections2 ppdirections3

Get a thick piece of cardboard – none of that flimsy cereal box cardboard shit, we’re talking banana box styles. Find a circular object to trace. The size of the circular object directly correlates to the size of pom pom – bigger the object, bigger the pom pom. Find a smaller circular object for center circle – I used a perfume bottle lid. Then cut it out. You should have two cardboard donuts.

pom pom directions ppdirections5

Cut a long piece of yarn and tie it around the cardboard donuts. Then wrap, wrap, wrap. The more you wrap, the fluffier the pom pom. I did about 4 layers of yarn.

ppdirections6 ppdirections7 ppdirections8 ppdirections9

Snip the yarn by wedging your scissors between the two pieces of cardboard. Cut the yarn all the way around. Don’t take the cardboard donuts off, yet! Get a long piece of yarn and place between the cardboard donuts. Tie tight – double knot. Remove the cardboard, fluff the pom pom and trim any loose strings.

You can use the same cardboard donuts for making more pom poms. And use the same long piece of yarn to tie the pom poms to make a garland.

pompom4 pompom3 pompom1

There you have it, folks! Pom poms – the gateway drug to crafting. I can see why my sister got hooked. Pom pom-ing is so therapeutic and you can do this craft while watching tv! Β Let me know if Β you have any good pom pom crafts up your sleeve. I’m always interested what other people do with these cute little balls of yarn.

Pom and Pom,


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