Owl Pennant


So the other day I was thinking about when my husband and I will eventually have kids. And of course my mind wandered to how I will decorate their room. It’s just the way my mind works, discount viagra cialis guys…I can’t help it! Naturally I started imagining all the things I would want to make for our lovely child’s nursery. One thing led to another and this adorable owl pennant was born. Now don’t get me wrong – this is for a future child, generic I assure you.


To make this you will need:Β 

Felt – assorted colours

Embroidery thread



Wooden dowel

String or yarn

Hot Glue

owl8I started by making an owl out of different colours and shapes from felt fabric. Basically you want to cut out the body shape first and then the rest of the owl is made by sizing the shapes to fit the body. In the above photo you can see all the different pieces involved in making this owl. Play around with the shape and size and see what you like best. I love the heart shaped feet and how big the eyes are on mine.Β owl5owl13

Next, you will cut out a larger piece of felt as the pennant to which you will glue your owl onto. My fabric measured around 60cm from top to bottom (before the top edge is folded over), to give you a rough guideline. Once you cut out your pennant shape, fold the top over which will create a ‘tunnel’ for you to slide your dowel through, and glue into place. I made sure to glue just the edge of the fold so that there was indeed a ‘tunnel’ otherwise you will have a hard time hanging it!


Then, set up your owl the way you want it to look, and stitch it together. The easiest way to stitch something like this is to stitch the pieces separately first, and then stitch it all onto the body afterwards. What this means is that you will want to stitch the two separate wing pieces together and then put them on the body. As well as the eyes and brow and nose. It makes it easier and it looks cute when there is a bit of stitching all over the owl. You could also just hot glue gun the whole thing but the stitch makes it a little sweeter, in my opinion.

owl10owl12 owl11

Once it’s all stitched up, glue it onto your pennant. I also stitched the sides of the pennant to make a more cohesive look. The side stitching is just for looks so it’s up to you if you want to add it or not. Once the owl is all glued on, you are almost done!


Last thing to do is slide your wooden dowel through the ‘tunnel’ and tie some string or yarn on either end and hang it up!


I love this little guy and I can imagine him being pretty cute in a little babe’s nursery. Right now this owl will have to settle for an adult living room, but one day he may just make it into a baby’s world. We will see.


Cori Anne

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  • Reply Sarah M November 18, 2014 at 3:24 pm

    This is adorable!

  • Reply Joyelle Komierowski November 18, 2014 at 3:57 pm

    I’m going to make one!!!!!!

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