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No headband, headband

Headband-11I don’t know about you, viagra cheap but headbands give me a headache. They always have. So I never wear them, store even though I like the look on other people, tadalafil I just can’t handle the discomfort. So when the flower headband trend showed up I was sad because I couldn’t jump on the flower train due to my stinking large head, headache issue. I have a bigger head than you and I’ll bet money it. BUT I’ve decided that I didn’t want to miss my chance to wear flowers in my hair so I’ve come up with a no headband, headband.Headband-2All you need is: Flowers you like, bobby pins, and some hot glue.Headband-3These flowers were from a craft store but you can find them at most teen jewelry stores as well.Β Headband-4Headband-5Glue the bobby pin to the back of the flower. That’s it. We can all do that.Headband-7I only glued the bobby pins to the two large flowers. The little roses already had clips on them (I bought them at H&M and wore them in my hair for my wedding) and the long flower thing I pinned into my hair by sliding the bobby pins through the felt bottom. I could have glued the pins onto it as well, but it was easier without permanent pins.Flowers-3Flowers-6Flowers-9Flowers-8Flowers-11Flowers-15Flowers-7Flowers-12Flowers-4And there you have it, folks! A no headband, headband. I will get no headaches with this ‘headband’ because all of the flowers are just pinned into place vs. a band around the top of my head. And the best part is I can use all of them or just a couple. On the top of my head or a few on the side. I am not restricted by a dang band. Rebel? Yep. For sure.

Hope you guys are inspired to put flowers in your hair now. You totally should. I think it would look lovely. And if you too, are plagued by a big head that gets headaches from a band, try this simple solution out. And then tell me about it. Okay?

Have a great, headache free day folks.


Cori Anne


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