Monster Mash


It’s a Halloween feature reel, cialis sale sick folks! Felix’ first Halloween was a success! And of course he had 3 costumes. Duh. The first was one was my favourite little gnome in the whole world. You should probably check out that DIY tutorial, if you haven’t already.

We also had a matching family costumes planned – bank robbers and loot bag. ย But in true Felix fashionย that was destroyed in a matter of minutes. The dollar sign on his money sack was eaten… And then there was a disastrous diaper change only minutes after these photos were taken – leaving his striped onesie unwearable…if you know what I mean. Luckily, I had yet another outfit planned!

bankrobber1 bankrobber2

Felix and his dad are just adorable, amiright?

halloween5 halloween6 halloween7

We got over the whole Halloween diaper disaster of 2014 and then his insanely adorableย cousins came over in their DIY costumes. Oh my. I couldn’t get enough of that cotton ball sheep and read feather mohawk. Kuddos, Mama T!


We ended the day with a real live Baby Costume Party. Felix wore a Carter’s Frankenstein’s Monster costume. It was very fitting. Above is his best monster face – he was feeling pretty creepy. Luckily for us, MicrowavePhotography was there to capture the night! Now please enjoy some cute babies.


Felix (of course) was not interested in aย photoshoot; hence, my disembodied arm holding him down in the above photo – I thought it added to the “spooky” ambience. Ok, not spooky at all… Below you’ll see the Mummy Brie I made. It fell flat on its face twice but still turned out! Yay me!

halloween3 halloween4

By the end of the night, this little monster was tuckered out. Hope your Halloween was as cute as ours! If you have any sweet DIY costumes you’d like to show off then send ’em over and we’ll post them on instagram! Now, go enjoy your weekend, ok?

Peace and Love,




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