Minimalist Jewelry Wishlist


I am big fan of jewelry. I’ve always loved it. My mom use to have a jewelry chest, cialis generic buy viagra of sorts, cialis canada medicine that I would spend hours looking through. Slipping rings on my fingers, hoping she wouldn’t notice that I had snuck one or two out to wear around the house (she always did). As an adult – cuz I’m an adult, guys…I now have my own jewelry collection. Lately I’ve been really into the whole minimalist thing that’s going on. Being a fan of gold, I am pumped that it’s still going strong as the metal of choice for most of the delicate pieces that have become so popular.

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Gems, jewels, and thin lines are a beautiful way to polish an outfit with out feeling like you went too overboard, which I NEVER do. jk. I tend to go too far with my accessories, and then have to remind myself that Coco Chanel said this “before you leave the house, remove one piece”. Thanks Coco. You’ve always got my back.

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Geometric shapes are so stylish these days and they are beautiful to boot. Win, win! Long chains look so great paired with a cozy sweater, and make the winter months feel a bit more classy, as big baggy sweaters can look a little dressed down sometimes. Unless that’s what you’re going for, then do your thang!

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oneΒ – always best when dipped in gold

two – a necklace made out of rubber and metal? amazing

three – i used to be into chokers when they were popular the first time…i’m into them again.

four – the use of natural calcite stone is gorgeous.

five – gold and stone. i love it.

six – a bracelet that looks like it would actually be comfortable to wear, i’m in!

seven – everything this company makes is amazing.

eight – so dang pretty. when i get home i’m getting myself this beauty!

nine – this is the perfect watch.

ten – so classy and cheap too! (just like me)

eleven – just a really cool company.


What are your favourite pieces to wear? Long necklaces, chunky bracelets, lots of rings? If I had all the moneys in the world I’d for sure buy all of the things listed. Plus I’d do a lot of good with the money too, obvs. A girl can have pretty things and save the world, right?

Anyways, I am hoping that some of you lucky people out there are going to be getting something beautiful in your stocking this year. You deserve it! I am prepping to leave for Thailand in a few days, and doing some last minute shopping for our stockings this week – so i am busy, busy, busy.

Happy Wednesday!


Cori Anne

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