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So…I figured out why Felix isn’t a super model…because he’s my son. It’s true what they say – the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. And looking at my photoshoot, best cialis online I really can’t blame him for taking sub-par pics. How could I forget how awkward I am in photos? Poor kid, he’s doomed. My body language is killer in the below photo. What do you do with arms?? I go with dead arm, slumped shoulders – just a couple tips, if you wanna look this cool. Anyway, enough Joyelle-bashing, let’s talk fashion!!!!!!!

I LOVE this oversized Noisy May shirt! It has glitter in it. AND, the symbol for iron is stitched on it in pleather (a.k.a. vegan leather). Or I like to think FE also stands for Fe-Fe – the name I affectionately call my son. Either way, this shirt is hilarious. I’m loving the vintage sports jersey look, lately.

Street Style Street Style Street Style

I have super fine hair and, as you know, a small head – so I love putting scarves in my hair. It covers the grease (when this busy mom doesn’t have time to shower), gives the illusion of a bigger head and is just plain cute.

joyelle6 Street Style

Please notice that I am also wearing glitter in my socks. Stacy London – it this appropriate? I know it’s not cool to match my belt, shoes and purse perfectly but is socks and shirt ok? Thanks for your advice on this matter, Stace.

These are one of my favourite pairs of shoes. They’re from Spring (last year) BUT if you like this style, TOMS shoes recently came out with similar ones. They’re super comfortable, easy to walk in and they help me feel like less of a frumpy mom, when need be.

Well, that’s me! I don’t know if I’d stop a stranger on the street if she was wearing this outfit…but Cori said people like to see who’s writing the blog posts. So, thanks for looking!

Street Style

Jo Jo OUT! Peace.

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  • Reply carrir October 27, 2014 at 4:04 pm

    Joyelle! Please do a post on how to wear head scarves for short hair without looking like a boy! the posts out there are mostly for long hair.. :)

  • Reply Cori Anne Dykman October 28, 2014 at 1:37 am

    You look beautiful!!! Miss you my friend. Arms are always so confusing.

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