Maker of the Month

Maker of the Month: Jesse Murphy

Maker of the Month | Jesse MurphyHey guys, sildenafil here it’s my pleasure to introduce the Maker of the Month for May: meet Jesse Murphy of Murph Mfg. This native Calgarian has mad seamster and leather-craftsman skills. And not to mention, viagra usa he’s a totes stand-up human with loads of humility and compassion. Thank you, Jesse, for taking some photos of your workspace and answering a few questions!

Maker of the Month | Jesse Murphy

Maker of the Month | Jesse Murphy

Having the honour of knowing Jesse for over a decade, I’ve seen his compassion for people transform every aspect of his life. When I met him as a late teen, I couldn’t understand why he didn’t raid my parents pantry like a normal boy. While our friends would devour all my chips, he made sure to bring his own snacks wherever he went. Turns out he was just respecting my mother’s grocery bill. This consideration has evolved into a compulsion and is one reason why Murph Mfg deserves your attention. It also drives Jesse and his wife, Sarah, to respect how and where their clothes are made – this couple does not promote consumer ignorance. That is why Jesse is transparent when it comes to his own products. He tries to buy materials made in only Canada and the U.S.

My whole family, including my son Felix, loves Murph Mfg toques. And my husband, Pete, is very brand specific when it comes to his leather wallets – Murph Mfg all the way!

Maker of the Month | Jesse Murphy

Maker of the Month | Jesse Murphy

Maker of the Month | Jesse MurphyJesse has set up studio in the basement of his family home. This is not the first time he’s worked from home. He used to have a small silkscreen side business out of his garage. Now, his day job is as a studio tech for a local college’s fashion program, while his passion lies in developing his craft and business.

Maker of the Month | Jesse Murphy

Maker of the Month | Jesse Murphy

Such beautiful leather totes! I want one so baaad! Think of all the stuff you could fit in there! (Gift ideas, Pete…)

Maker of the Month | Jesse Murphy

Maker of the Month | Jesse Murphy

Jesse started sewing shortly after high school and he had a very youthful approach. He started out with fun snowboard-inspired fashion – oversized hoodies, drop-crotch sweatpants, sweatshirt dresses in loud colours and boxy cuts. Thankfully for us, his taste has evolved over the years and his line has transformed into sophisticated quality leather goods with simple engineering and beautifully curated pieces.

Maker of the Month | Jesse Murphy

Maker of the Month | Jesse Murphy


What made you decide to go to school for fashion? Where did you go to college and what was the program called?

I went back to school in 2009.  I had been working at a ski hill in the winters and working for an arborist in the summers for about 5 years and sewing as much as I could since that initial incident in 05/06.  For a long time I was just making whatever weird color combo sweatshirt I could think of and people were gracious enough to buy them for me.  It was fun to experiment like that and I even had a store start to sell them and I was doing some design work for a clothing company and making samples and looking after getting their first production run made.  Somewhere in all of that I started to realize that maybe this didn’t have to just be a hobby, maybe I could do this as a job.  That’s when I started looking into schools to see which ones might be a good fit for my goals.  I really wanted to learn pattern drafting.  I thought if I could learn to draft a pattern and know that it would fit, that would be incredible.  I ended up choosing to go to Olds College.  The program looked very to the point of drafting and sewing without the extras that other college programs were offering, which was exactly what I was after.  The program was called Apparel Technology – Fashion Major.

What do you love most about sewing?

That you can create something that wasn’t there.  I’m sure that’s everybody’s answer that makes something starting from raw materials.  But that’s really it.  It’s neat to be able to stare at a roll of fabric and think of all the things it could become, and then make it happen.

Any upcoming fun projects in the works?

I’m working on a back pack right now. Probably twice a year I come back to back packs, hopefully I’m happy with this one.  Also working on a project to raise some money for Cystic Fibrosis research to help a friend.  That should be fun, not too sure what I’ll make yet though.

What inspires you to keep creating?

Not being able to afford the things I want.  Haha.  I’m half joking, but that’s definitely part of it.  More importantly though I feel like I can’t help it, I just love making things.

Jesse Murphy

Now Jesse, being the humble guy he is, didn’t send me a photo of his face…and, unfortunately, I was unable to go to Calgary to get one, firsthand. Well, Jesse, jokes on you – you underestimated my cyber-stalking skills! Thanks to your wonderful wife’s facebook account, we get to see the mystery which is Jesse Murphy. There  you have it, folks! Here’s Jesse with his beautiful son, Jackson and amazing wife, Sarah.

If you enjoyed this month’s Maker of the Month, be sure to check out who we featured in March and April, as well. And don’t forget to check out Murph Mfg and spread the word of his beautiful designs.

Peace and Love,

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