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Magical Mojito


I generally don’t celebrate St. Patrick’s day but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to make Lucky Charms Coasters. And when you have said coasters, tadalafil treatment you need a drink (or drinks) to place on them. So, discount viagra why not make those drinks green and magically delicious? My favourite green(ish) drink is a mojito. This recipe gives the classic recipe a bit of a twist, using elderflower sparkling water.



6 Mint Leaves

3 Slices of Lime

1.5 oz. White Rum

1 c. Elderflower Sparkling Water

1 tsp. Sugar (optional)



1. Place lime, mint leaves and sugar (I like mine without) in a cup and give it a good muddle.

2. Put a good amount of ice in and pour rum over.

3. Add elderflower sparkling water, stir and garnish with a piece of lime. Then enjoy!

mojito2 mojito3 mojito4 mojito6 mojito7

I love mojitos – they’re so fresh and easy to make. I know they’re not even a little Irish (for a St. Patrick’s Day drink) but it’s green, at least! And when you place them on the free printable coasters I made, it becomes a fresh take on a St. Patty’s Party. Oh, and the coasters are incredibly simple to make. All I did was use craft glue to attach them to thin cork sheets and cut them out with scissors. It took basically no time at all. Scroll to the bottom to print all 6 coasters!

mojito11 mojito8 mojito12 mojito9

Even if you aren’t celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, it’s always a good occasion for an elderflower mojito. Right? I hope you make one this weekend!

Peace and Love,









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