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Brown Paper Christmas Wrapping

You guys! I actually remembered to wrap presents before Christmas Eve, cialis sales viagra sale this year! Aren’t you proud of me? I’m proud of me. I am a P-R-O-C-R-A-S-T-I-N-A-T-O-R. And when it comes to wrapping presents, sale I don’t work better under pressure. They usually are wrapped with two different papers because I don’t have enough of one. And I usually forget to get scotch tape so I go with green painters tape. Oh, and they’re always super crumpled and the folds are sloppy. Ya, I’m not known for my wrapping skillz. The best prezzie wrapper in my family is my sister, Elyse. I’ll take some photos of her presents, this year, and show you…but first, I present to you, my presents!!

I did three different ways to use brown paper. I think brown paper is a great platform to work with…but it can be kinda boring for the kids. So, I jazzed it up a little. My favourite is the brown paper stocking.

What you’ll need for the brown paper stocking:

-Brown Craft Paper

-Colourful Craft Supplies

-Letter Stickers

-White Paint and Sponge for Stamping

-Hot Glue Gun

-Needle and Thread


Brown Paper Christmas Wrapping Brown Paper Christmas Wrapping

So, it’s pretty easy. Just fold your paper in half. Cut out a boot shape with a triangle flap on top of one side. (Like the above photo.) Then stitch it together using a contrasting colour thread. But remember to leave the top open for easy opening. Also, I put duct tape on the inside of triangle flap — so it could be stiff enough to tuck into a slit I cut in the stocking.

For decorating mine, I used a sponge that I cut into a circle for stamping it. I also used some blue duct tape, neon ribbon and some post-it notes for the bunting. For her name, I put on sticker letters, painted over them with white paint and then removed them. It was SO easy! The main thing to remember is to have fun. Go crazy, even!

Brown Paper Christmas Wrapping Brown Paper Christmas Wrapping Brown Paper Christmas Wrapping

Wait, I think this next one is actually my favourite. Get this, the wrapping becomes the present…Sounds cool in theory, but I’ll let you know how it plays out.

I like giving an extra gift that the child can play with right away…something without batteries or assembly required. So, I got my nephew some Hot Wheels. For wrapping, I cut a square of brown paper and painted on a race track! I made it quite a bit bigger than the cars. I also loosely wrapped the present so he can unwrap it easily without ripping it. Once it was wrapped, I used sticker letters for his name. I love this one.

Brown Paper Christmas Wrapping Brown Paper Christmas Wrapping Brown Paper Christmas Wrapping

The last present is the easiest. I thought, why use discard-able ribbons? So, I grabbed some neon shoelaces and a bow hair clip and, VOILA! Done and done.

Brown Paper Christmas Wrapping Brown Paper Christmas Wrapping Brown Paper Christmas Wrapping

Now, aren’t these the cutest? My clumsy wrapping is camouflaged by creativity. I’m growing up, folks! Now go and have some fun wrapping your presents! Maybe put on your favourite Christmas movie, make some hot cocoa and wrap dem prezzies…If you have any inspiring ones, I’d love to see them! Just tag us on Instragram @ohlovelybows .

Peace and Love,


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