Let’s Get Fruity, Baby!

This year has gone by so fast. My baby boy is turning one on Saturday. And I had big plans for his party. The problem is, buy viagra here my eyes are wider than my…schedule…motivation? So, cialis buy instead of crafting up a perfect party, I lounged around and “pinned” other peoples’ inspired party prep. And, let me tell you, I made some great mood boards…My favourite is Felix’ fruit themed shindig. Here are some snippets of how I imagined my son’s 1st birthday…


Just because it’s a fruit themed party, doesn’t mean you can’t have doughnuts, amiright? That’s why DIY-ing these adorable watermelon d-nuts makes perfect sense – thanks Paper & Stitch!


Ay caramba! This free printable fruit banner is way cute. AND holler at easy assembly. Great job,


Bella, your parents are pretty rad. (Unless you are the one who came up with this Tutti Frutti themed party, because then I want to be your BFF. I don’t even care if you’re only 2.) Click here to get inspired by Bella’s fruitastic b-day party.


Gotta have ice cream at a first birthday party – even if it is the middle of winter. Design Eat Repeat has got ya covered for the watermelon cone wrappers.


And party hats are a must have. I mean, you can’t make a fruit crown for all the party attendees…but these mini hats look manageable! Check out the tutorial at Studio DIY.


I’m a big pinata fan. My husband and I made his and her pineapple pinatas for our wedding…they were waaay more ghetto than this beaut of a melon. I’ve got nothing on Oh Happy Day’s mad pinata skills.


I’m a firm believer that you can never have enough garland at a celebration. And, hey, not only are these tiny pineapples precious, they’re free too! You did it again, Studio DIY.


I love grab-bags. I love them even more when they come in DIY watermelons. Oh Happy Day, just stop it already.


Finally, why does Coco Cake Land have to be so cool?? I love that she’s from Vancouver – it makes me hopeful that I will (one day) actually order her perfect cake creations. Maybe for Felix’ wedding…

Yep, I had dreams…it’s not too late for a garland and some store-bought cupcakes, though! The lack of party prep sure makes me appreciate the moms who do go the extra mile for their kids’ birthdays! Kuddos to you, dudes! As for me, there’s always next year…

Peace and Love,


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