Hanging Yarn Mobile (for adults)


I am starting to pack up everything for our return home, discount cialis physician which is very soon, ask and as I go through my craft box I am trying to use up a lot of the supplies I have because I am not planning on bringing them home. I’ve got to save room in my luggage for the important stuff, discount like fake New Balance shoes and such. Priorities, people. So let’s get crafty today, using some ‘end of the roll’ yarn. I call this project – Adult Yarn Mobile. You could also use it for children but I think us adults may appreciate how pretty it looks a bit more.


First you’ll want to paint a large piece of paper for your backdrop for todays work. JK – don’t do this part. Unless you want to. I did because I wanted to, plus I don’t know how to use illustrator so I had to create my backdrop in real life. REAL LIFE.


But seriously: You will need styrofoam balls, yarn (multiple colours), a bunch of head pins, and some hot glue. That’s it!



It’s quite simple: All you’ll need to do is take the end of your yarn and push a pin through it onto the styrofoam ball so the yarn is secure to start. Then wrap in every direction multiple times until your ball is completely covered and you are happy with the shape and look of it. Once it’s wrapped, cut the yarn off of the ‘roll’ and pin the end piece into place.






I used four different colours of yarn. Basically all that I had left. I think it would look really beautiful with brighter colours or all monotone but you work with what you’ve got, right!?


Once you’ve wrapped all of your styrofoam balls and secured the yarn with your pins you are ready to string them up.




I didn’t have any (store-bought)string to use, only yarn. But I knew I wanted my ‘strings’ to be thinner than yarn. So if you also don’t have actual string here’s what you can do. Take your yarn and simply pull it apart. My yarn had four pieces wrapped together so I ended up splitting it in half. You can see in the photo above what I mean. Cut different lengths for your string. Once you have enough for each styrofoam ball, take the end of the string and tie a knot around a head pin, then press the pin into the styrofoam ball. Once you’ve attached your strings to each of the yarn balls – you’re done! **If your pins that are securing the string don’t stay in well, this is where you will use the hot glue to secure it further. Just dab a bit over the head of the pin and/or on the pins body before sliding it into the styrofoam. Should do the trick!




To create the layering look for your ‘Adult Mobile’, you will simply take all the string ends into one hand and hold up your mobile. You’ll get to see where all of the yarn balls are hanging and then simply adjust it by pulling the ends of the string up or down so that you are happy with the level of each ball. Once it looks good to you, tie a knot as far up the string (away from the balls) as possible so that there is a good length of string for the balls to hang off of (there is a joke in there somewhere). Then hang it from your ceiling! In a corner, above a table, against the wall – your call!





I really love this yarn mobile thingy. It’s really just a cool thing to make and hang in your house. It certainly has no purpose to it, other than looking cool and using up a bit of yarn if you’ve got some extra laying around. But it is a fun project to do while watching a movie or one thousand tv shows on a rainy afternoon. What colours would you guys use?

Happy crafting peeps!


Cori Anne


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    So pretty! I love it, Cori!

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