Halloween Baby

Ewok Baby

Babies. They make me so happy. But what’s cuter than a baby? A baby in a costume! And I’m so excited to dress up my very own baby for Halloween this year. TBH, viagra usa advice I may go a little overboard – we’re talking multiple costumes. I mean, order how I can I narrow it down to just one? Perhaps you could help me pick the best costume for Felix — so that my husband doesn’t get mad when I blow all our money on 24 different puppy outfits. Now, let’s go goo goo over some of my favourite baby costumes, shall we?

Hot Dog and Hamburger Baby Pineapple and Peanut Baby

Babies dressed as food is seriously my favourite thing. I mean, I already want to eat those chubby thighs…but a peanut baby? C’mon, now that’s irresistible! And pineapple is totally my favourite fruit…so…I’ll have to make this costume for Felix. Get the tutorial here!

If you’re more of a junk food person, though, follow this stinking cute DIY hamburger costume! And let’s not forget the hotdog….oh dear.

Oompa Loompa and Gnome Baby Bjork and Reindeer Baby

Oh my, too cute!!! I’m pretty sure that babies are meant to be Oompa Loompas and Garden Gnomes. Love it. And if Cori had a baby, she could make this tiny Baby Bjork costume…she made a Bjork swan costume for herself last Halloween and wore it to my baby shower. It was pretty awesome. Lastly, I found that cute little reindeer on Studio DIY Favourite 2013 Costume List. But I think it’s still current for 2014…Baby reindeer never go out of style.

Yoda Baby

And…Star Wars babies…I think a whole family in Star Wars characters would be just amazing. Baby Yoda? Baby Ewok? I love them. How am I going to pick a costume for Felix when there’s SO many cute ones!? What a dilemma. Life is hard life, amiright?

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