(CDN) Thanksgiving pretties

So the holiday season is nearing. Yep. Summer’s out and decorations are in. And I can’t wait! The strange thing about this holiday season is that I am in China. And the holidays we have back home aren’t really a thing here. Like Thanksgiving. Canadian and American thanksgiving are not celebrated out of North America, cialis canada unhealthy who woulda thought (insert wink emoji here). But I have a feeling that a lot of you reside in North America (my computer told me) so I wanted to give you a bit of inspiration to guide you into the first of many holidays that should evoke decoration frenzy.

2013-10-30-11.17.10Gold. Gold leaves. Gold leaves in a gold pot. Nuff’ said. Photo found hereWest-Elm-0405Adding paper flowers to any of your decor is always a good choice.102280468MetallicPumpkinHarvestRunner.jpg.rendition.largest-1I guess I’m really into gold! Painting pumpkins is so quick and an easy way to match the pumpkin to your colour scheme. Photo found here.6a00d8358081ff69e201b8d06fea98970c-800wiA pumpkin inspired cocktail. Yessss. ABM knows how to do it!Cheese-platter-HonestlyYUMCheese platters at parties/dinners is a fave of everyone’s. Unless your lactose intolerant or vegan, then sorry pals. But if you’re not, go for it!6a00d8358081ff69e201b7c6e8151d970b-800wiAnd of course some pumpkin dessert…find it here!61-1024x680Pumpkin donuts anyone? Learn how to make these babies, right here on Oh Lovely Bows!IMG_1065And last but certainly NOT least. Some raw chocolate, done three ways. Have it in the morning, afternoon or evening – your call! It would be a perfect addition to your Thanksgiving festivities. Oh yeah, wanna learn how to make this glorious chocolate that you only need three to four ingredients for? Well you’re in luck friends! I’ll show you how on Friday so you’ll have this super quick recipe just in time for your dinner(ssss).

Hope this inspires you to decorate and eat your way through the holidays. I’ll be living vicariously through y’all so don’t let me down! Tag @ohlovelybows in your instagram pics and show us what you get up to this weekend!


Cori Anne

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