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Let’s talk about sculpey for a minute. Like how it’s the best. You can make so many things from it. It’s not expensive, viagra sales click it comes in a plethora of colours and in an afternoon you can make yourself something unique, sildenafil cialis useful, or just plain pretty to look at. I’ve been really into geometric shapes lately (likeΒ everyone else) and I thought – why not make myself some geometric shaped pendant sculpey necklaces? Hah. Now it’s not that this hasn’t been done before, but like everything else – I wanted to put my own take on making these quick and easy necklaces, and share my process with all of y’all, because – I like you guys.


What you’ll need for this simple DIY:

Sculpey – choose lots of different colours, I went with copper and white *you can purchase sculpey at most craft stores

Warm hands

Exacto knife

Sand paper

Oven (I only say this, because I didn’t have one for a year!)


Needle – to poke a hole for your string to go through





I decided to do a marbled geometric pendant and it couldn’t have been simpler to do! First thing you’ll want to do is pre-heat your oven to the temperature that your sculpey package directs you to do. Then, warm up your sculpey in your palms by rolling it around for a few seconds. Next, like the photos above show, place two colours together and gently blend, folding the sculpey and rolling it in your hands until you get the desired marbling effect. Depending on the length of the pendant, form a ‘snake-like’ shape and set it aside. I suggest making a bunch of different widths and lengths for your ‘snakes’, so you have a lot of pendants to work with, because many pendants are better than one. Also – it takes a few tries to get the carving the way you want it.



Once you’ve made all your ‘snakes’ (I love this new term), using a needle – poke a hole near the top of the pendant big enough that you’ll be able to thread your necklace string through. After you’ve poked your holes, place all of the soon to be pendants in the oven (without the string!) and bake for aboutΒ half the time that the sculpey package says to do. Why, you ask? Because you will want the sculpey to be hard enough to carve into your geometric shape, but not so hard you can’t. Sound good?


As you can see in the photo above, there are two pendants that aren’t finished yet. They have been baked for half the time and are ready to be carved! So once you allow the sculpey to cool from being in the oven, take your exacto knife and start carving your shape. I found that carving four sides to the pendant and then carving the bottom by angling it down to a point, gave the best results for the shape I wanted. But do what you want, hopefully you’ve made lots of ‘snakes’ so you can let yourself experiment. When you are happy with the carved pendant use some sandpaper and gently smooth the sides and bottom so it looks crisp and sharp. Then, pop the carved pendants back in the oven and finish the time suggested (without the string!).

geometric11Β Once your pendants have been fully baked and cooled, thread your string through the poked hole and tie a knot as close to the top of the pendant as possible. Then tie another knot at the top of the string and you, my friend, have a beautiful geometric pendant necklace.





Beautiful and simple. A perfect combination. You can marble, add a splash of colour, or keep it simple and stick to one shade. You decide – or just do all three, because, why not?

I hope you all go out and buy yourself some craft clay this week and make yourself a beautiful pendant too. If you do – tag us on instagram! We’d love to see your creations.

Til’ next time!


Cori Anne


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  • Reply Gisela March 3, 2015 at 8:24 pm

    Aw maaan, I bought some Sculpey this holiday, just inspires me to get cracking.

    • Reply Cori Anne March 3, 2015 at 8:36 pm

      Gisela!! I hope you make something special with it :) Hoping you’re well, and let’s catch up! xo

  • Reply Sarah March 4, 2015 at 1:35 pm

    I want to too!! I see a weekend project in my future ;)

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