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Free Printable Unicorn Mask

Free Printable Unicorn Mask

Hey! There’s only a week until Halloween! Do you have a costume yet? If you’re not a big planner, best cialis malady like myself, cialis sale prescription I have an easy DIY unicorn mask for you. It’s a great last minute costume for your little ones – just team it up with a tiara and a fairy princess dress! So magical.

Free Printable Unicorn Mask

You will need:

Free Printable Unicorn Mask

Glitter Paper

Utility Knife and Cutting Mat

Scotch Tape

Hot Glue Gun



  1. Print off unicorn mask on a thick cardstock. (I printed mine on normal sheet paper and then used a spray adhesive to attach it to a thin cardboard.)
  2. Cut out mask, eye holes and the hole for the horn to go through. Also cut out the horn template.
  3. Trace the horn template onto a fun paper of your choice. I found an awesome glitter paper at the dollar store. Then cut out the shape. Fold the tabs on the bottom of the horn and roll into a cone shape (with the tabs folded outward so that they’re the outside of the cone).
  4. Before gluing the horn together, line it up with the horn hole on the mask and make adjustments to the width of the horn, if needed. Using a glue gun or double-sided tape, glue the horn closed. Tape the tabs on the horn to the back of the mask to secure it in place.
  5. Add a ribbon to tie the mask in place and there you have it! Now go get magical!

Free Printable Unicorn Mask

Free Printable Unicorn Mask

Free Printable Unicorn Mask

Thanks Primrose for modelling – you’re the cutest unicorn I’ve ever seen! Also, I’m pretty sure a unicorn is Prim’s spirit animal – she is a bit magical.

I hope you get to use this template! The nice things about unicorn masks is that they’re not only for Halloween – you can wear these bad boys all day, everyday…I mean, if that’s your thing.

Peace and Love,


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