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Free Printable Fox and Bat Mask


The month of candy, viagra cialis costumes and creativity is soon upon us! That’s right, discount viagra drugstore start planning your Halloween “get-up” because you ARE going to craft it this year. To get inspired, mind I made a couple free mask printables – what-the-what? Unfortunately, I didn’t print them off myself…so they may need some “fine-tuning.” Turns out, this “so-called-crafter” doesn’t have a printer. Hmm… I mean, ideally, I would have loved to print them off and get Felix to reluctantly model my creations (but I got lazy). STILL, they’re super cute and I think they’ll work…you may just have to cut the eye holes a bit bigger.

OK! Let’s talk masks. Have you heard of Opposite of Far? You should probably check them out and get super inspired. They make felt animal masks that are (off-the-hook) adorbs. In fact, they were the inspiration behind my fox and bat print-outs that I made. I have supplied, for you, a black and white version and a colour version. Get creative with the black and white version – paint it, add some glitter and feathers or maybe even use it as a template to make your own felt mask. My only recommendation is to have fun, get silly and send me some pics, yo!

Here are some more mask inspirations I used for my project:





From Ta.Ta. Kids


From Opposite of Far


From BATB Lifestyle Blog



For a free bat mask in black and white, click here.

For a free bat mask in colour, click here.

For a free fox mask in black and white, click here.

For a free fox mask in colour, click here.

Have a great weekend!!

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