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Free Printable Advent Calendar


I was a bit of a Dennis the Menace in my younger years – in that, viagra buy malady I’d get attached to a family, try show up uninvited and stick around for days. I invaded their homes and never questioned if my presence was wanted. Most people grew to love me, taking me on their vacations and family reunions. Looking back, I wonder if they just got tired of hinting for me to leave, quietly submitting to my unrequested occupancy…

My weekly morning routine, in grades 3, 4 and 5, is a good example of my Dennis the Menacism. I walked to school with my friend, Jessiya Kamps. But I didn’t just walk to school with her. I showed up at their back door an hour early (she was usually still sleeping) and I’d help her mom with breakfast. While they were getting ready, I’d remind everyone (at 5 minute intervals) of what time it was and when we had to leave. I thought it was my duty that the Kamps were on time for school.

Sure I was annoying, but I got to see (and was involved in) how other families lived. I fell in love with traditions and routines that my family didn’t have – one, of which, is the advent calendar. My family didn’t use one, but I remember staring at my friend’s homemade felt advent calendar with envy. It’s a great way to build anticipation and excitement for Christmas. It also incorporates my natural love of keeping track of time.

For this advent calendar you will need:


-X-Acto knife

-Scotch tape

-Bone folder (or the backside of a butter knife)

-Double-sided scrapbook tape or glue stick

-String, yarn or ribbon

-Free Printable Calendar (links at bottom of page)


The advent calendar I designed is in a pocket flag bunting style. Print off all of the advent back files. There are 9 different patterns I made for the front of the bunting flag – you can mix and match these ones. (I only used 6 of 9 designs for mine but make sure you print 24 flags worth.)

Cut out front and back flags using an X-Acto knife and ruler. Then lightly crease the fold lines with a bone folder or back side of a butter knife.


Fold the top of the backside of the flag over your string and tape down.

advent7 advent8

For the front side of the flags, I used a glue stick because I didn’t have one of those double-sided tape thingies (used for scrap-booking). It worked OK but I think double sided tape would be a lot easier and less messy. Anyway, fold the tabs back then glue or tape the front of them. Attach to the backside of the flag by pressing down one side first and then the other.Β  Repeat until you’re done! I recommend breaking up the bunting flags into 3 or 4 strands.

Fill the pocket flags with small candies, family activities, prayers or bible verses and enjoy the countdown to Christmas!


advent1 advent3

I displayed my bunting flags with the numbers hidden and placed out of order – to make a game of finding the number on the backside.

Free Printable Advent Calendar Free Printable Advent Calendar

I had a real good time designing and making my advent calendar. I hope you enjoy it, too!

Peace and Love,









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    Jo! This is such an awesome design. I plan to print mine out this weekend. Can’t wait!

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