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Guys!!! I actually printed off my free printables this time! I wasn’t lazy about it like my printable masks. I even even tested them out. Aren’t you proud of me? And I’m glad to say that they work like a charm! Oh, viagra generic no rx let me tell you what I made. Felt beards in 3 different styles – Pennsylvanian Dutch, viagra generic Villain, and Straight-Up Dad beards. Vanya is modelling the Pennsylvanian Dutch Beard. And below you’ll see how I put together a Straight-Up Dad beard.

To make the beards, you will need:

– 2 pieces of felt

– embroidery thread and needle

– scissors

– stapler

– cheap fabric hair elastics

– beard template


Villain (pdf)

Straight-Up Dad (pdf)

Pennsylvanian Dutch (pdf)

1 2

So, check it. Cut out the beard template. Staple the two piece of felt together with the template.

3 4

Cut, cut, cut. I used an X-Acto knife to jab out the mouth hole and then cut the rest with scissors.

5 6

Take the template off and staples out. Use a single stitch to sew both pieces of felt together. Sandwich the hair elastic at the very top ends of the beard and stitch together.

beardpic5 beardpic6

Loop the elastics around your ears and voila! You have a beard! I’m sporting the Straight-Up Dad beard and, boy-oh-boy, do I look like a real man.

The nice thing about this project is that it only took me 30 minutes, tops. AND you get a sweet beard out of the deal. A sweet beard in just 30 minutes? Sounds like a no-brainer to me!


beardpic4 beardpic3 beardpic1

Some more pics of Vanya in the Pennsylvanian Dutch beard. She’s a babe – beard and all. Maybe you guys could incorporate these beards into a Halloween costume?? Oh! And if you want a more “realistic” look you could totally use faux fur instead of felt. Just think about it, ok? I mean, even if you aren’t dressing up for Halloween, the Straight-Up Dad beard makes a great face warmer for those chilly fall nights. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial – it was one of my favourite crafts I’ve done in a long time. And make sure you check out Cori’s post – that’s right, 2 posts today, you lucky guys! We’re getting crAzy! Happy weekend!

Peace and Love,



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