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I had a great long weekend – hanging with my honey and spending time with family. My sister and her kids visited from Vancouver Island and we took a day-trip up the Sea-to-Sky highway. The weather was perfectly perfect and we made a few stops along the way.

porteaucove3 porteaucove2

My sister’s 3 kids are 7, generic cialis medical now, discount viagra treat and real firecrackers. Yep, health you read that right – they’re all 7. She had triplets. We stopped at Porteau Cove and enjoyed the sunshine. Above Alex is modeling his rat-tail. He specifically asks his mom not to cut it when he’s getting a trim. So awesome. I love these kids.

shannonfalls4 shannonfalls5 shannonfalls1 shannonfalls2 shannonfalls3

Our next stop was at Shannon Falls just outside of Squamish – I highly recommend these natures if you’re in the area. The waterfall is massive and easily accessible. It was in the forest so it got pretty chilly. And then I found my next victim – street style victim that is. Or maybe more like forest style? I was pretty jealous of her vintage elk sweater and wooly oversized socks in that cold forest. Perfect “fir” a walk in the woods. She was complete with a poppy pin for this Remembrance day weekend.

I hope you have all gone out and bought a poppy for Remembrance day….and not just kept the one you got for free from last year. Because I’m pretty sure we all love our freedom in this beautiful country of ours and we should really support the people who fight to keep it that way. I’m naturally a pacifistic, but freedom is worth fighting for. Ok, love you all. Enjoy the rest of your long weekend!

Peace and Love,



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