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Happy Friday everyone! I think Friday is my favourite day. Most of us still have to work on Fridays, viagra sovaldi but it’s the feeling you get all day long, best viagra hospital knowing you’ll have a couple of days off. For most of us anyways. Once Saturday and Sunday comes, diagnosis that means you’re already in your weekend. Friday is the beginning! You feel me, people!? Cool.Felt-27Felt-26Anyways, I made a felt card for Conrad’s birthday. I made it on a whim and decided afterwards that it was too adorable not to share. So I proceeded to make another one and take some pics to show you my process. There are absolutely no rules when it comes to making these cuties, but maybe, mine can help to inspire your craftiness and get you making something adorable for a loved one, or just for you. You decide.Felt-1Felt-2Felt-3Felt-4Felt-5This was the first card I made. It took me less than 15 minutes to make and all I needed to make it was felt, scissors, yarn and hot glue. Plus a bit of imagination, but I know y’all have that already so you don’t need to worry.Felt-25Felt-6First you need to cut out a square or rectangle from your felt. Fold the piece in half. Then you can freehand, or make a template with a thick piece of cardboard, to trace (with a light marker) your cloud shape onto one side of the folded piece of felt. Make sure that the top of the cloud template is at the top of the folded part of the felt. So that when you cut your shape, your cloud is attached, making two opposing clouds – so it’s a card!Β Felt-8After you’ve made your ‘card body’ it’s your call how you’d like to design it. Copy my design or do something a little different. I’d love to see what you create, either way!Felt-9I decided to use the same shape cloud to layer on top of the front of my card. To do this, you simply trace the shape of your ‘card body’ and then cut it out. To make it smaller I just trimmed in a couple of centimetres making sure to follow the same shape I had traced.Β Felt-10Felt-13Then you cut out letters. To be honest, I just cut everything out free hand. Again, it’s not about perfection with these babies, so just go for it and see how it looks. Felt is very affordable, so it ain’t no thang if you need to start over. I do all the time.Felt-14See? Not perfect. But that’s what makes it cute. And fun. Having fun is more important than perfection. Ya hear?Β Felt-15Felt-30Felt-18After, I glued it all on with hot glue. I set everything up the way I wanted it to be laid out. Then I would glue on one piece at a time, keeping everything in place throughout. It takes a bit if you make the confetti, but I think that may be my favourite part, so it was worth it. Then you cut some yarn and tie it around the top of the card. The yarn has no purpose. It’s just really sweet.Felt-28Felt-29You can write anything you’d like. Make the letters smaller or bigger. Choose the colour combo. Just use words or put things in like balloons, bunnies, squirrels…or something other than animals. It’s up to you!Felt-31Felt-32Felt-33Then once you’ve made it and are pleased as punch, give it to someone you adore. They’ll appreciate all the work you put into it and they don’t need to know that it was easy to make, and how much fun you had in the process.

Make one this weekend people. Do it. You’ll love it. Keep it for yourself or give it away. But make it! Then show me. I want to see what you’re up to. And be sure to do what the card says.


Cori Anne

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