Flashback Friday – Chengdu!



You guys! It’s Friday, discount viagra view so I thought I would share a peek into my ‘past life’ in China, cuz’ flashback Friday right? These photos are from a trip my husband and I took with our good friend Gisela. We headed to the land of Pandas, one weekend, to check out the city of Chengdu. It was such a cool place. We unfortunately did not have enough time to explore everything but we were able to get a little taste of how Chengdu-ians live. The man above was taking a lot of photos of us, so we decided to take some pics of him taking pics of us. He thought it was funny, obviously. By the way – that happened A LOT. And always with huuuuge lenses.


This lovely man was wearing one of his own floral headbands that he was selling. How sweet is he?!



There was a Washi tape pop-up shop while we were there. They had a station in the middle of the room where you could use the tape to decorate your phone case – people wereΒ reallyΒ into it.


And last but not least – Pandas, errywhere. Chengdu has a huge panda sanctuary and a lot of people travel to the city to check out the adorable big bears, and can even pay to cuddle with them for around 5 minutes. This panda was right in the middle of a shopping district and was huge, and kind of a paper mache style, which I love!

Hope you enjoyed this small glimpse into a flash of my past. It already feels like China was a lifetime ago. Thank goodness for photos, hey?

Happy Friday, and enjoy your weekend lovelies!


Cori Anne


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    Aw man, brings back all the good feels

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