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Wreath-6Tutorial Tuesday, viagra sales capsule pals! I have always been a fan of working with felt. I’ve already shown you one way to use it last week, unhealthy and today I wanted to share a craft that I’ve been doing for a few years now, felt flower wreaths. I know, it’s still felt roses, and I will show you some very different ways to use felt in the coming weeks, but it’s just that felt roses are one of my favourite things.

Anyways, I started making these wreaths one Christmas as a gift for all the mother’s in my life. I have, since then, changed it up a bit and refined the style of it. These beauties are a bit time consuming, but definitely worth making if you’d like to spruce up your home for a season, a holiday, or gift it to someone special.Wreath-7Wreath-2The wreath above was one that I made for my sister, Lisa. She and her family recently purchased a new home and I can’t wait to see how she styles the wreath into her space. Just before I left for China, I realized I didn’t actually have any ‘final pictures’ of any of the wreaths that I’ve made, so we had to look through all of her unpacked boxes and try to find this one. Luckily she found it and I quickly snapped some pictures on the last day we spent together. I am working hard to bring y’all pretty things to look at, people!1Wreath2wreath5wreathFirst thing you need to make this wreath, is a styrofoam wreath, I got mine at Michaels but you can also get them here. Any size will work, it’s totally up to you how big or small to make it. The smaller the faster, the bigger the longer. You could probs guess that last part without my help.

Next thing you’ll need is yarn. Again, any colour you want! It’s your wreath, do your thing. To wrap the yarn around the wreath, you fasten the first part of the yarn onto the back of the wreath with either hot glue, or a sewing pin (what are they actually called?), I used a pin because it’s quick and less messy looking. Then you wrap the yarn around the wreath. A lot. I always wrap the yarn covering the whole wreath one entire time, then I go around a second time. It helps it look more lush and makes sure that no styrofoam is showing. After wrapping twice, you pin the end piece in place. Try using a pin colour close to your yarn colour so it doesn’t show, just in case.3wreath4wreath8wreath9wreath10wreath12wreath13wreath14wreath16wreathNext, you make the felt roses. Like the last tutorial, you cut your pieces of felt into squares, and cut the corners off to make circles. Then cut it into a spiral starting from the outside edge. Start to roll the outside piece inwards, like rolling up a cinnamon bun and then once your felt starts to look like a rose, glue the bottom with some hot glue and simply press the bottom of the rose onto the last piece. Make all of your squares/circles different sizes to ensure that you’ll have different sized roses. Practice making the roses in different sizes to see what you like, and have some fun with it, okay?20wreath17wreathThen cut out some cute leaves, of different sizes and shapes and you are all set to glue the flowers and leaves to the actual wreath! I bought mostly, all of my felt from Michaels. I know you can get some pretty nice colours there. A fun thing to do, would be to plan a craft adventure day, where you go and check out all the local crafts stores around your town and see what they have to offer. I think it would be fun, but I am also a nerd, so not sure how it sounds to you. Just be yourself, it’s cool.19wreathSee? All different sizes and colours. Lovely isn’t it?23wreathI like to arrange all of the flowers and then snap a picture to see if I like how it looks, before actually glueing on. Once you start glueing – you can’t turn back! I usually arrange the leaves after the flowers, but again, it’s your wreath. You can design it any way you’d like. Once you’re happy with the arrangement, start glueing it all on!

A tip – choose where you want the top of the wreath to be first. I simply tie a piece of yarn around the center of the top and it gives me a guideline of where I want the flowers to be. If you want the flowers on the bottom it’s a good way to see where that will be.

The last part is tying your yarn hanger to the top . Take a few pieces of yarn and measure out the length you want the ‘hanger’ to be. Double that length with your yarn. Slide the yarn around the wreath at the top and tie a knot. You are doubling the length of the yarn because you want to be able to tie it around the wreath and have a nice full ‘hanger’ to work with. Then you simply tie a knot at the top of the loose pieces of yarn and you are done!

Lastly, hang it up and marvel at your work!Wreath-5Wreath-4Wreath1I really enjoy making these wreaths, even though they take a bit of time. The wrapping of the yarn is the part that takes a while. Try doing it in a couple of evenings when you are watching a movie. It’s not hard, so give it a go!

If you get inspired to make this or something like it, share a photo with us! Either on here or on instagram. We’d love to check it out!

Happy crafting everyone.


Cori Anne

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