Fascinator fix-up.


Hey pals! Cori Anne here with a little fixer upper of sorts. I bought these cute fascintators at the beginning of the year when my husband and I first arrived in China. I loved them but I did not love the fur. Even if it’s faux fur (unconfirmed) I’m just not into wearing it on my head. So I decided that I would ‘fix’ them up and add my Β own touch. I’ll be the first to admit it, generic cialis recipe I’m a lover of felt. It’s super easy to work with and it’s adorable. I’m also a lover of pom pom’s. Yep. They’re little balls of fluff (kind of) and they remind me of bunny tails, best viagra physician but without being made of fur or faux fur. Hooray!


If you have something hanging around and want to add a little something to it follow along and hopefully you too will be able to add a flower here and a pom pom there.


Supplies needed:

Felt – various colours, totally your call


Pom pom maker – can find here


Hot glue gun

Something to fix up!


First let’s talk about felt roses. They are beautiful. Easy to make and well, just beautiful. To create you simply, cut out a square of felt and trim the corners to make it into a circle with your scissors. Then you start from the outer edge of the circle and start cutting it into a spiral like the photo above. I used to draw a spiral but I found it’s just as easy to free hand it and it’s not so important if it’s not perfect, since you’ll be rolling it up anyways. Practice with a couple pieces and you will get the hang of it! After the spiral is cut, you start to roll it…like a cinnamon bun! Take the piece on the outer edge that’s cut and start rolling it all the way until you shape your rose and you’ll notice the inside of the circle will fit perfectly at the bottom of your rose. Put some glue on the cinnamon roll part and then press the end piece onto it. Easy as pie. Side note: pie is not easy to make so I never really understood that saying. Anyways.


Once you make your roses, you can cut out some leaf shapes from green coloured felt, or whatever colour you’d like. Up to you. Then you glue it on in any order you’d like. I glued mine on and added a lot of leaves – usually I wouldn’t go for so many, but I had to cover up the glue and remnants from the fur balls. Hah. And voila! First one done.


To make pom pom’s you simply follow the instructions that come with the pom pom maker. I bought mine at an adorable shop in East Vancouver called Collage Collage. It’s a great shop that offers classes for kids and sells a lot of really sweet local crafty things. Check it out if you are ever in the Vancouver area. If you don’t have a pom pom maker there are easy ways to make them on a fork, try this out. Once the pom pom’s are made I simply glued them onto the ends of the bow and that’s it!


I think they look much better and I am so glad I purchased them all those months ago. I knew I would never wear them as they were, but I also knew that with a little imagination and a bit of work I could make them into something I really like and would wear on those days where I want to feel just a bit more fancy. Is there anything you can think of that you’d like to fix up? Try adding a pom pom or a felt flower to something this weekend! It doesn’t even have to be something you can wear. I know there are a lot of lamps out there that could use some dressing up. Thanks for hanging out!


Cori Anne

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    I’d love to see one on you. (:

    • Reply Cori Anne Dykman September 19, 2014 at 4:01 am

      Just you wait, Lara! I’ve got a little post coming up ;)

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