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Hey guys! Joyelle and I are here to show you how to make a simple and beautiful tassel necklace. Since it’s been so gross out these past few days, cialis usa discount we thought a bright and colourful necklace would be the perfect way to spend your Monday. Inside and crafting. Check it out peeps!



You will need: A chain, click embroidery thread in various colours, scissors and an embroidery needle. Choose your chain length based on where you want it to hang and more importantly on the size of the chain. We found that only one of our chains worked well for this project. The other two pictured above were a bit too closely linked together for the embroidery thread to easily be attached. So find something with large enough holes for you to attach your tassels.


To make your tassels you will first choose the size of tassel you want to make. For ours, we were able to make two tassels with each embroidery bunch we had. We may have been able to make three, as we ended up trimming each tassel shorter once they were made. Play around with it – tassels are easy to make and very cheap!


Fold your embroidery bunch in half and cut so you are left with two of the same sized tassels as the photo above shows. Then take two** pieces of thread from each tassel and set aside as you will be using that to complete your tassel. ** we only photographed one piece of thread for each tassel but then realized after we needed two!


Be sure to make a face with all of your thread before continuing on. This is a vital step in the process of this DIY.




Next, fold one of your soon to-be tassels in half, then take one of your ‘extra’ pieces of thread and start to wrap it around the top of the tassel – wherever you decide you want the ‘body’ of the tassel to be/how long you want the ‘legs’ of the tassel to be. Can you see the body and the legs now? Thought so.



You will want to tie the other piece of extra thread through the top of the tassel as that is how you will be tying it to your necklace. In the photos above we tied the top thread on while the thread that wraps around the body of the tassel was still loose. You’ll want to make sure that the thread wrapping around is not loose, and you can see in the photos below that we did indeed do that.




Here’s where the embroidery needle comes in. You don’t need to do this step, but it does make it look a little more finished. Once you wrap the thread and tie it securely with a double knot around the body of the tassel, you will be left with the ends of the thread sticking out all over the place. You could just cut the pieces short. But we find it works better if you use your needle to thread the ends into the tassel. It helps to hide the knot a bit – and a hidden knot is a good knot. So simply slip the thread through your needle and slide the needle behind the wrapped part of your tassel so that the end pieces get hidden inside the tassel. (the photo above has one of the two pieces hidden)




Once the tassels are all done – admire them for a little while. They are just so cute. Then once you’ve admired them long enough, trim them down to the length you like. We liked them a little shorter and fatter.



Choose the colour combo your happy with as well as the spacing you’d like between each tassel on the chain, and then start tying them to your necklace. We did a double knot. Once the tassels were all secured to the chain – there were once again ends of the thread that needed to be hidden. So with your embroidery needle you will follow the same steps to thread your thread ends through the body of the tassel so that it looks a little more streamlined. Make sense? Good!



See? No extra pieces of thread are sticking out. Hooray!







Adorable! Easy, fast and cool – all the best things for a necklace making afternoon.

This was the first time Joyelle and I were able to make a craft together, and it was da best.

Can you see yourself making one of these necklaces anytime soon? The pop of colour is so nice to have, especially on this long stretch of grey days that we seem to be having.

p.s. Happy Family Day BC-ers!


Cori Anne and Joyelle!


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    Yay blog post! Tassels are seriously the best…I may like them even more than pom poms…but don’t tell, ok?

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