DIY Valentine’s Day Card Notebook


I’ve got a quick and easy DIY Valentines’s Day gift for you, buy viagra unhealthy folks. This Valentine card notebook only took me 10 minutes to make! In the past, buy cialis I haven’t appreciate cards (like I should) when I’m on the receiving end of them. I’ll admit…I usually toss birthday cards into the recycling bin after a few days. But, viagra sale I don’t wanna toss the cute ones! And I want to buy the cute ones for my husband – who usually values them even less than I do. So, this year I decided to enhance the card to get more use out of it. This little DIY will make the (artistic) men in your life appreciate stationery! Because who doesn’t love a DIY notebook?


You will need:

-1 Cutesy Card (The smaller the better.)

-Paper (lined, graph, recycled, brown, etc.)

-Needle and Embroidery Thread or Waxed Thread

-Bone Folder

-Pencil and Ruler

-Bulldog Clips

cardnotebook3 cardnotebook5 cardnotebook4 cardnotebook6

Measure your card – you want to make the inserted pages slightly smaller than the card. I made mine 1/8″ smaller on each side. Measure you paper, making sure the length of the paper is double the length of the front of the card (as you will be folding it in half). I used a ruler to make straight tears on my paper because it’s fast, easy and I like the rugged look. Or you can use an utility knife to cut your paper, if you prefer. Use a bone folder to fold the paper in half – fold each sheet individualy. Stack the folded paper together to form a booklet.

cardnotebook7 cardnotebook8

Draw three dots on the center fold of the booklet – one in the middle, the other two 1/2″ – 3/4″ from either end. (These marks will be a guideline for the stitched binding.) Center the paper in the card and clamp them together with bulldog clips.

cardnotebook9 cardnotebook10cardnotebook11

I used to waxed thread for stitching my binding, as it adds a more masculine flare – but embroidery thread works just as good. Thread the needle and tie a knot at the end of the thread. I used this stitch for the binding. First, go through the middle hole (so the knot is on the outside of the card). Next, go through the top hole. Then, on the outside of the card, go through the bottom hole. Finally, go through the middle hole, again. Tie a knot and cut excess thread. And you’re done! So easy!


Peace and Love,


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