DIY Paper Bag Toy Storage

DIY Toy Storage Paper Bag

Hey! Have you seen these adorable bags from Sweden? So cute, buy cialis right? And actually a great price for cool kid gear. But if you’re like me, cialis generic Β you look at these and see a craft project. So, here is a seriously simple diy that you can do with your (older) kids, even! Basically, it’s just decorating a paper bag – but I’ll walk you through how I did mine.

-Heavy Duty Paper Bag (from Superstore, Rona, Home Depot)
– Duct Tape
– Acrylic Paint
– Gel Medium (or Modge Podge even!)
– Aluminum Foil Tape

DIY Toy Storage Paper Bag

DIY Toy Storage Paper Bag

DIY Toy Storage Paper Bag


1. Cut your bag to height you want.

2. Decorate bag using paint or tape or both! If using paint, seal it with a gel medium or Modge Podge for better durability.

3. For the face, I found aluminum tape (from the dollar store) that has paper on the back. That way, I could draw out the face before cutting it out.

4. Duct tape bottom of the bag, inside and out, for better durability.

5. Fold the top lip a couple times or until you’ve achieved the desired height.

DIY Paper Bay Toy Storage

DIY Paper Bay Toy Storage

DIY Paper Bay Toy Storage

How to make an ombre effect with acrylic paint:

1. Collect two paint brushes and paint. Mix your light colour and dark colour.

2. With a dry paintbrush, paint 2/3 of the bottom of the paper bag with the lightest colour.

3. With a different paintbrush, paint the darker colour at the top of the bag. Stroke the dark colour downwards until it meets the lighter colour.

4. Make small downward strokes where the two colours meet, continuing slightly into the lighter colour. Wipe off the paint from the darker brush and blend the two colours.

DIY Toy Storage Paper Bag

DIY Toy Storage Paper Bag

DIY Toy Storage Paper Bag

Yay storage! This sweet sleepy bear bag is for my friend’s little girl. I was thrilled to get to use girly colours! I also made one for Felix’ room using duct tape to cover the entire thing – it’s more durable for my rowdy little boy (but, tbh, not as cute)! This would be a great craft to make tonight while binge-watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix. Think about it….Or you can just buy a TELLKIDDO bag! Either way, it’s a win!

Have a good weekend!

Peace and Love,


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  • Reply Cori Anne April 24, 2015 at 1:07 pm

    This is so great! And the photos are beautiful!!

  • Reply Vera Martinez January 25, 2016 at 7:14 am

    I love this storage idea! I am gonna make such for my daughter’s toys. Thanks for the idea!!

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