DIY Easter Bunny Basket


Easter is upon us! And although it’s a time for remembering and reflection, buy viagra order it is also a time for egg hunts, cialis buy candy and bunnies! Since a lot of you have kids in your life, in the form of nieces and nephews, your own kiddos, or friends with kids, I thought you may want to know how to make this ridiculously adorable Easter Bunny Basket. Perhaps you can make it so the kids in your life have something sweet to hold all their goodies from the hunt!



Felt – various colours

Wicker Basket – I bought mine at Ikea

Floral wire – to hold the ears up

Craft wire – for the wiskers

Hot glue gun



Here are all the shapes that you will be cutting out.


1. The face will be made from a piece of felt in the shape of a rectangle. You will fold the rectangle in half so that the center of the bunnies face is the center of the fold. The bunny ears (pictured above, alongside the face) will be made from two full rectangular sheets of felt that you can purchase at any craft store – they are already cut to the size you want. You will fold the felt in half for that as well so you’re left with long skinny halves – like the photo above shows.


2. Pin the folded pieces in place so it makes it easier to cut the face and ears to be uniform. I free-handed my cut outs, I believe you can too! It’s easy, just cut the bunny ears to a tip at the top, and for the face – simply round the top and bottom of the face, and trim some ‘furry pieces’ like I did, if ya want. You will see what I mean in a moment.


3. To make the ears stand up, I used floral wire. Bend your wire into the same sort of shape that the ears have been cut into and then once you’ve glued the front and back of the ears together, slide the floral wire into the bottom of the ear and press it up into place. I ended up trimming the bottom of my ears a bit, so that the wire reached both the top and the bottom. Then once you’re happy with the shape of the ear, bend it a little at the top to create the ever-so-cute floppy bunny ears.


4. Cut the ‘mouth’, nose and teeth from your felt. I also added some delicate gold wire whiskers (not shown here). To make the whiskers, find some sort of craft wire, cut three strands to the length you want your whiskers to be and twist them together in the center. Then glue them onto the center of the ‘mouth’ and then glue the nose on top to hide the middle of the wire.


5. Make your bunny tail using this tutorial


6. Once you have all of your face shapes and ears cut out, it’s time to glue it all together and add it on to your basket! I lined the outside of my basket with felt so that it looked more like the body of the bunny, plus it is easier to glue felt onto felt. Make sure to glue your bunny ears onto the inside of the basket so that your bunny face doesn’t have any bumps under it from the ears. Done and done!



Make sure you fill the basket with treats, and perhaps some fresh flowers!


I love this bunnies sleepy eyes and neutral colours. Good for a little boy or girl – or really, an adult!


Those ears have my heart.




This basket would make a fantastic gift to the host of your dinner party this weekend. Fill it with beautiful treats, like these homemade Peanut Butter Bonbons. Or like I said earlier, a perfect container for the kiddos to hold all their special treats that the Easter bunny hid throughout the yard. The sweet tail on the back of the basket makes it even cuter, I just adore this little guy.

Make this bunny for your dearest this weekend and see them treasure it for years to come! I know I will. Happy Easter, friends.


Cori Anne


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