Dip your heart out


YUMMY. That’s all you really need to know. Also, cialis check this is a sweet dessert that you can make with little ingredients and little time. Sound good? Yes.

I used to make ‘pretzel clusters’ for when we’d have guests over and they were always a big hit. Turns out you can’t easily get your hands on pretzels where we live, generic cialis store so I decided I would try mixing it up and dipping other things into melted chocolate, you know, to test it out. I am doing this all for you guys, I swear.


Your ingredients:Β 

2 Cups of Chocolate – Β chopped, dark and/or milk; you can use chocolate chips, chocolate bars or chocolate melties

Coconut OilΒ – for every cup of chocolate use a 1/2 tbsp of oil

Plain Chips – I used two snack sized bags

Candy – whatever you fancy! I bought mine at our local market, but I bet twizzlers would be delicious

Persimmons – I used three

I bought 8 chocolate bars to do this. Four dark and four milk. I ended up using four of the dark in one bowl and three of the milk in another bowl. Why only three you ask? Because some chocolate monster came in and ate one of the milk ones the day before.Β It was me.

Start by chopping up your chocolate into small chunks so it is easier to melt. Then place your chopped up chocolate and coconut oil into two bowls, one for dark and one for milk. I used a double broiler as I don’t own a microwave (haven’t for years!) but you could melt your chocolate with the microwave in increments of about 30 seconds, stirring after each time and making sure to watch that it doesn’t burn. I like the double broiler method as I find you don’t have to worry about burning the chocolate as much, but you do have to dirty a pot! While the chocolate is melting, cut your persimmons into slices, and set up your chips and candy so they’re ready to be dipped.


Once you are all ready to dip, have some pieces of parchment paper set up on a couple cutting boards and then get to dipping. Dip the whole piece of fruit, chip and candy – or – only dip half. You get to dip the way you want to dip. As soon as you’ve filled your board with all the dipped goodies – place it in the fridge and get to dipping the next batch.

dipped3 dipped4

I ended up having a bit of chips and chocolate leftover once I had dipped the persimmons, the candy and most of the chips (individually). So I dumped the rest of the chips into the bowl of melted chocolate for both the dark and the milk and stirred the chips until they were coated. You should do the same. After it’s all coated, place the clumps of the chip/chocolate mixture into little baking cups and then into the fridge.


Once you’ve dipped it all and put everything in the fridge to set, you’re done! See? Easy, and kinda fancy for when you have pals over this weekend.


These have been a big hit so far in our household. I think the chips were everyone’s favourite BUT that doesn’t mean the fruit and candy were no good. It’s all covered in chocolate. OF COURSE it’s good. I would definitely make all of these flavours again. I am a huge persimmon fan and having it covered in chocolate makes it even better!

I can imagine this being great with sliced up bananas (classic), twizzlers, popcorn, oranges…the list goes on. Start your weekend off right by melting and dipping your way to a yummy treat. Happy Friday!


Cori Anne

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