Crazy T-Shirt Cushions

tshirt pillow chair

So basically, cialis cialis I have the most talented husband in the world. It’s a commonly known fact. He has a big boy job now but in his younger years he used to make illustrations for t-shirts. In that “field” you get a lot of loot – and by loot, salve I mean t-shirts. There has to be something you can do with an abundance of t-shirts, tadalafil right? You betcha! There’s t-shirt rope that you can make into oodles of things – like rugs, macrame plant holders, coasters, really bulky hats. BUT I want to keep the t-shirts as a memento by showcasing Pete’s illustrations. Well, duh, what about pillows, guyzz???

tshirt1 tshirt2

First I selected my t-shirts. I like Pete’s animal head series – but we don’t wear them anymore. Then, I headed on down to my local East Indian Fabric Store because they have lots of amazing patterns and prints for low prices! Since I’m making these cushions for Felix’ room, I thought a bold, bright pattern would be great.

Lion Shirt CutPin it

Iron the t-shirt and fabric, pin them together and then cut out any ‘ole silly shape. (I’m not a very experienced seemstress, so my cushions are always wonky shapes anyway – why not just go with it?) If your t-shirt is a really thin material, double up the t-shirt layer by cutting out the back of the shirt, as well. Place the fabric face-to-face and pin it, nice and smooth.


Then sew it! But don’t sew it closed – leave about a 2 inch gap. When you’re done sewing, give it a good iron. Flip it inside out , stuff it and, finally, hand-stitch the opening. (If don’t like sewing or don’t have a sewing machine, there’s some great no-sew techniques for cushions you can find here. Or you can be like me and fake-it-til-you-make-it.)

tshirt11 tshirt10 tshirt pillow crib tshirt crib

Aren’t they just adorable? I had fun making each one a little different. And it turns out, Felix likes them too!!

Hope you enjoyed this little craft and that it inspired you to make some cooky pillows! Remember, they don’t have to be perfect – just have fun with it!

Peace and Love,


P.S. Pete’s too shy to tell you all this, but I feel like it’s my wifely duty. One of my husband’s shirt design that he did for Goodchild was worn by Jay-Z during a 2010 concert in Vancouver!! Another shirt (by Blood is the New Black) was worn by Dixon, the small town boy who moves to Beverly Hills, on the new 90210. For some reason, Pete didn’t think that was as cool as Jay-Z wearing his shirt…but I do.


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