Copper & White: Tassel Earrings


I love a good tassel, cialis sales click guys. You can add them to an old blanket, viagra sale sovaldi sale put them on a chain like this one for a pop of colour, cialis sale or just a keychain tassel, cuz why not? There are so many things you can do with a tassel, and today I chose to make some tassel earrings!



You will need:

embroidery thread

earring backings (found at any jewelry supply store)

copper wire (found at most craft stores)

super glue

any ‘front’ for your earrings

** I found my copper discs at a store called I found GalleryΒ in Vancouver, BC. They have an etsy store as well, which I’ve linked. Search around your local craft and jewelry stores and I am sure you will be able to find something to work with. Β You can see in the photo above that I had originally intended to use my copper earrings that were already assembled, BUT I decided I didn’t want to glue the tassels to the back of them as I liked them just they way they were. So, I found the copper discs and am super happy with how they turned out.


My copper discs were kind of dingy and dirty when I bought them. I searched how to clean copper and all I needed to do was mix salt and vinegar together and soak the discs in the mixture for a while, and then wipe them with a cloth. Easy!



This project couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is follow the same directions as we did in this post to make the tassel. Then with your copper wire, wrap near the top of the tassel to create the shape you want. Wrap as many times as you like, until you get your desired look.



Then you will carefully super glue your tassel strings that are at the top of your tassel to the back of the copper discs. I know this doesn’t look so pretty. In fact, after I finished the project I realized, I should have glued another copper disc (they were so so so cheap) to the back of the first one to ‘sandwich’ in the tassel strings. But I didn’t. So once you glue your tassel on, you will then glue your earring backing onto the back of your earring – covering up the tassel strings as much as possible.


Let the glue on your earrings have ample amount of time to dry and set.


That’s it! You now have beautiful, on trend earrings to rock for the spring and summer. Copper and white have been popping up everywhere as the new colour combo. I think they pair beautifully together, don’t you?




So fresh and so clean, clean. If you remember which song that lyric comes from, then you are my kind of people. Anyways…I love these new earrings! I have been wearing them everyday since I made them! They are neutral enough to go with everything I wear and they add an interesting element to my some times simple style.

Make these babies this week and have a cool pair of earrings to carry you into the summer months. Do it!


Cori Anne


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