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I thought I’d share one last glimpse at our Frida and Diego heads today. Just a closer look at the crazy project we decided to take on shortly before Halloween. We managed to get it all done but I honestly was painting right up until we headed out to the Halloween dance at the high school. Hah. We went to a high school dance. That’s weird.

diego1diego2diego3diego4diego5 diego6 diego7 diego8

Diego was made to look a little less polished and bit uglier. We cut a hole out above the mouth, viagra sales decease which ended up looking like part of his mouth. It worked out and Conrad was able to see when the head was on. Win! He definitely took less time to make and we (maybe) didn’t put as much effort into the painting process. All we needed to do was add shadows to the face so he became a bit more animated and he was good to go!

frida1frida2frida3frida4 frida5 frida6frida7frida8 frida10frida11frida12frida13 frida15frida16frida17

Frida was a bigger project. She has a lot of hair. It was fun putting it all on, cialis canada ailment and trying to figure out how to make braids with cardboard. I ended up massaging the pieces for a while and then simply braiding them like I would anything else. Lots of black paint later, no rx her hair ended up being my favourite part. I made the flowers from tissue paper and I think they worked out really well. I decided not to cut a hole to see out of, as we didn’t measure it properly in the beginning. We should have built the heads so that we could see through the mouths, which we would have made to be open, but we didn’t and my eyes ended up being around the upper cheek level. Oh well! Who needs to see anyways? Painting shadows on her face and bright eyes made her look more real as well. All in all, if you paint it to look like a human face it should work out A-ok!

I would definitely be up for making these again. I think it would take less time, as we now know the to-do’s and not-to-do’s. Cardboard has always been a fun material to work with in my little artsy world and I loved the outcome of these huge heads. They are now just sitting in our living room staring at us when we are on the couch, so if you make them, be sure to have somewhere to store them after or a place to give them away! We aren’t bringing them back to Canada when we leave China, so we may end up donating them to the school that Conrad works at. We will see!

Yay Monday! Have a great week everyone.


Cori Anne



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