My Christmas Mantle



Christmas decor is hard for me. Growing up, cialis sale sales my mother had a dictatorship over Christmas decorations. Our childhood handmade ornaments usually didn’t make the cut for my mom’s coordinated tree. Trimming the tree consisted of my mother telling us precisely where to put each ornament…and then she’d usually move them around after we went to bed. But, trust me, it was a beautiful display. My mom is a top notch decorator and her matching skills are unparalleled. So, it leaves me kinda clueless – there is no way I can meet my Christmas decor expectations because my mother’s decor was the pinnacle. That’s why I go for more of a rustic style. I don’t spend a lot of money and try to have a more natural feel. Still, I think my mom would approve! :)

Now, without further ado, here’s my Christmas mantle, folks!


I know most of you have already put up the Christmas decorations – but I hope this inspires you, nonetheless. Have a fun and safe weekend!

Peace and Love,


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