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I spend A LOT of my days alone, discount viagra purchase since my husband works and most people tend to speak zero English where I live. This can leave me feeling a bit crazy at times. I haven’t come to the point where I’ve gone out and bought a thousand kitties, best cialis hospital but I’ve been tempted. So I thought, what better quick and easy costume would be more suited for me, than the crazy cat lady. Admittedly this kind of turned into a cat that has ears similar to that of a pig, and a bit of a dog face – and no, I am not dissing myself! I mean I kind of looked like a cute doggy while I was painting my nose by myself today. I may have laughed (out loud) more than once when I realized I was doing all of this, with no intention of going anywhere.


Here’s what you’ll need for your very own cat ears: Felt – two colours, a headband, hot glue, a template, and scissors.


First draw an ideal shape for your ears and then cute out a template from cardboard. Basically you want to draw an ear on one side of the cardboard and then ‘mirror’ the image right below it. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s just a kitty ear after all. We used to have a cat named Skunky, and he had some weird ears. So anything works!

cat19 cat18

Then you cut out your felt shape making sure to NOT cut the middle part that will wrap around your headband (I wasn’t paying attention when I did mine, as I was simultaneously watching a vampire show, that I will not name because it’s embarrassing, and almost cut the ears in half!) Multitask – only if you can. After you have your ear shapes, cut out your inner ear shapes in a different colour. Mine may have looked less like pig ears if I hadn’t rounded the bottom of the pink felt, so if yours looks more like a cat ear, perfect!


Lastly, hot glue the ears around the headband.


And voila! You have kitty ears!!!


If you have some extra time and want to paint your nails, you can always make some kitty claws to go with your look. I used washi tape to create the shape for the black claw part because I didn’t have any painters tape. If you have some painters tape on hand (see what I did there?!) I would suggest using it instead of washi tape because it’s kinda sticky.


First paint your base. Using nude polish will help it look like you have claws vs. two pretty colours on your nail. After the base has fully dried (I did it too soon!), you can cut out slim strips from the tape and lay two on each nail. Lay your strips on diagonals so that it makes a triangle for you to paint black in the middle. Just know that the narrower you go with the tape, the skinnier the ‘claw’.Β I laid mine a bit narrower than I would have liked, but at the time I wasn’t sure how it would turn out.


Peel the tape away and you have kitty claws! Kinda funny, kinda cute, totes awesome.


Oh yeah! The make up!! Well basically, I used liquid liner in black (obvs) to paint on my ‘cat eye’, my whiskers, upper lip dots (what the heck are those things?) and my kitty nose. I used a dry pencil to draw the line from the nose down to the lip and then coloured the entire top lip a solid black. I think it worked out purr-fectly.Β I know…sorry


Make sure to accessorize with lots of kitty things. My sister gave this to me last Christmas, and I love it. She knows me well.


I was acting like a cat and moving real fast. Just getting into character, guys.


Every feline needs a trusty mate! Just kidding, kitties are usually loners. BUT I really liked the kitty ears on Conrad, so I thought you would too. Aint’ he handsome! Hah. Sorry darling.

There you have it folks! A quick, easy and more importantly cheap last minute Halloween costume. Make a tail to go with it, wear all black or dress up in all orange! You get to be any kinda kitty you want.

Let us know what you’re being for Halloween by tagging us in your pics @ohlovelybows on instagram!


Cori Anne


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