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DIY House Warming Gift

DIY House Warming Gift || Oh Lovely Bows

DIY House Warming Gift || Oh Lovely Bows

Back in September I threw my husband, cialis sales Β Conrad, generic viagra a surprise dessert party for his 30th birthday. A dessert party is where everyone coming brings a dessert homemade or store bought, it doesn’t matter. It’s always a lot of fun to see what everyone brings, plus Conrad has a HUGE sweet tooth, so he’s always pumped to have a party themed around dessert. One of our guests brought candy in the most genius way! Our dear friends Ali and Kevin brought 6 mason jars full of assorted candy in a cardboard 6 pack carrier. It was super cute and something I’d never seen before – I love anything creative that involves cardboard. They got the carrier at a local liquor store – who knew! I knew I wanted to share this great idea with all of you, but in an Oh Lovely Bows way – so Joyelle and I decided to paint the carrier like a house as we think it would be a great DIY for a housewarming gift! Here’s what we did…

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Ikea Hack: Painted Pot || Oh Lovely Bows

Ikea Hack: Painted Pot

Oh Ikea. Why you got to be so easy to shop at? I know I’m not alone when I say I can’t seem to leave that store without having at least five extra things in my bag. Now I’m not sure if this DIY…

DIY Skull Planter || Oh Lovely Bows

DIY Skull Planter

You guys! Do remember when I made that super cute DIY Painted skull? Well, best cialis I bought another one and I’ve painted it and made it into a planter! Not a planter in the traditional sense where it will drain water, buy viagra…

Simple Spicy Hummus Recipe || Oh Lovely Bows

Simple Spicy Hummus Recipe

We just had our thanksgiving up here in good ol’ Canada and we were able to enjoy a ton of family time and a tonΒ of food. In fact, cialis Β I had three dinners – two full on turkey dinners and one salmon dinner (totes…

DIY Woven Planter || Oh Lovely Bows

DIY Woven Planter

You guys! I haven”t really talked it about it yet, buy viagra mostly because it got all switched around and I was supposed to be starting it in April, viagra buy and here we are in October – but I am finally starting a…

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera | Oh Lovely Bows

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Yay it’s October!! This means that we get to have Thanksgiving (in Canada) and spend time with our family and friends, cialis sale it also means HALLOWEEN! Which is also my dads birthday – so double special day. Oh my goodness, viagra generic do…


Chai Baked Donuts

It’s donut time again! Recently my husband turned 30, generic viagra health and I threw him a surprise party to celebrate. I made it a ‘Dessert Party’ so everyone came with some sort of treat – so muchhhh sugar, but so fun. I decided…


DIY Dowel and Copper Towel Rack

You know when something gets stuck in your head and you become slightly obsessed with the idea, cialis sale Β and you know you can’t get over it until you do whatever it is that’s stuck in your head? Yah? Well, that happens to me…


DIY Photo Mat Hack

Hello Friday! Today I am sharing a super simple post with you…it’s not even a tutorial, generic viagra viagra really. Just a thing I did that helped me from searching forever to find frames that fit my awkward (but beautiful) sized prints from Rifle…


Halloween Painted Skull DIY

I LOVE Halloween. I love it. I mostly love it because I am obsessed with costume ideas, cialis generic and making mine from scratch every year. YES, viagra canada I go over the top most of the time. I usually show up to a…